Legion Approaches: Coram Populo 2016 and Beyond

Legion Approaches: Coram Populo 2016 and Beyond

Over the next few months, we will begin implementing our plans for Coram Populo in Legion. While the transition period between Warlords of Draenor and the upcoming expansion has been less busy than during the latter stages of previous expansions, we do believe that this “break” or “vacation” of sorts will leave all of us refreshed and ready to embark on a new journey. We have a lot in store for the guild, and we hope that you will be just as excited as we are to see what World of Warcraft has to offer for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

In case anyone has missed the announcement, Legion will officially launch on August 30, 2016.

Before we reveal some of the groundwork and planning that we have been doing to prepare for Legion, we would first like to relay some of the basic information about Coram Populo that everyone should know.

Please feel free to contact us on Tumblr, via email, or on Discord if you have any questions about this road map for our future plans.

Also, please keep in mind that this is just a basic overview of things to come and that detailed information will be published and distributed on social media, our guild Tumblr, and our official guild website as it becomes available. In essence, the information listed under each subheading listed below is a summary and summation of larger plans that shall be further detailed at a future date and time.

We just want to give everyone an overview of what is happening as move forward.

Basic Contact Information

Guild Website


Guild Tumblr


Role Play Tumblr


Guild Email


Guild Discord (Official Text and Voice Chat Platform)

Sign up for Discord and request an invitation to our Discord server.

Discord will be replacing our guild forums, Ventrilo, and Skype channels/conversations as the official method of communication for the guild.

Discord is a free platform and will run from a web browser, mobile device, or desktop app (both PC and Mac).

Overview of Guild Direction

Coram Populo will focus on its two main strengths from the past two or three expansions: PvE-related activities and role play.


PvE in Warlords of Draenor was successful thanks to our PvE Team and PvE Department Head, Tellaria Evensong. The guild was able to push forward into heroic modes in Hellfire Citadel and our challenge mode team had numerous successful runs as they gained experience running challenge mode dungeons.

Role Play

The Azerothian Trade Federation was founded and created, and plans for guild role play in Legion are being organized and plotted each week. A complete overhaul of our guild role play manual and social media is slated to occur soon. A preview video and overview of role play expectations with our new guild role play officers/leads will be published on YouTube as Legion draws near.

Coram Populo Membership Demographics

Our membership demographics have changed significantly over the past seven years.

  • The average age of our officers is thirty-six (36) years old.
  • The average playtime that our members can dedicate to World of Warcraft is much less than it used to be (especially now at the end of the expansion and as we await the arrival of Legion).
  • 70% of our current active membership base primarily plays for PvE-related activities.
  • 20% of our current active membership base primarily plays for role play-related activities.
  • 5% of our current active membership base plays for both role play and PvE-related activities.
  • 5% of our current active membership base plays for social reasons.

Organizational Structure and Officer Directory

Guild Administration (Senior Officers)

Coram Populo’s senior administration team will remain largely the same as before. Tarcanus, Tellaria, Vyctor, and Belorien all plan on playing active roles in the guild when Legion arrives.

Talandriel Sunchaser has retired from the game to pursue real life goals. Her characters remain in the guild. However, her Tumblr blogs and subscription to World of Warcraft are inactive.

Guild Leader – Tarcanus Frostbourne

Guild Marshal – Tellaria Evensong

Commander – Vyctor Blackstone

Commander – Belorien Firestar

Role Play Department

Coram Populo’s Role Play Department will be led by Tarcanus, Eriene, and Aurel. All are active and experienced role players and/or RP leads.

Role Play Department Head – Tarcanus Frostbourne, Guild Leader.

  • See Above for Contact Information

Role Play Lead – Eriene Duskbane, Lieutenant.

Role Play Lead – Aurel Dawngrave, Lieutenant.

PvE Department

Tellaria will continue to spearhead efforts to push forward as far as the guild can go in terms of PvE-related activities. The PvE Team will remain the same as well, with six strong supporting officers ready and able to assist Tellaria in raiding/challenge mode/other PvE efforts.

PvE Department Head, Raid Leader, Challenge Mode Leader – Tellaria Evensong, Guild Marshal.

  • See Above for Contact Information

PvE Team Senior Adviser – Vyctor Blackstone, Commander.

  • See Above for Contact Information

PvE Team Senior Adviser – Belorien Firespark, Commander.

PvE Team Adviser – Nastimus, Sergeant.

PvE Team Adviser – Rinsland, Sergeant.

PvE Team Adviser – Sanguinius, Sergeant.

PvE Team Adviser – Amahraa, Sergeant.

Social Events Department

The use of Discord, outside of game tools, and in-game socialization will still be present in Coram Populo in Legion. Many new outside activities will be introduced as time moves forward.

Social Events Coordinator – Klarabella Lightblade, Lieutenant.

  • Klarabella is unavailable due to extended medical leave. Please direct all inquiries concerning social events to Tarcanus Frostbourne.

Role Play (Azerothian Trade Federation)

The Azerothian Trade Federation will be making a return tour during Legion. However, some of the basic design concepts from its first run as our official guild role play story shall be changing in the process.

Role play events, story design, and line implementation will be directed by Eriene and Aurel in collaboration with Tarcanus.

In addition, our ultimate goal is for there to be balance between personal role play/character development and the official guild role play/development. Guild role play will be just one part of a much larger role play space and canvas for our guild members. This will allow both our role play leads to have time to breathe (both in-game and out) or pursue other interests outside of the guild or game. This will also allow for our guild members to have the free time to role play outside of the guild story and pursue other role play and creative writing interests as well.

In essence, the Azerothian Trade Federation will be a nice supplement and addition to our guild members’ role play experience in World of Warcraft.

More information will be available on our guild website, guild Tumblr, and YouTube as Legion approaches.

PvE and Raiding

The raid team of Coram Populo will continue to push forward in Legion.

Challenge mode teams will also continue to run as well.

For more information or to apply to join, please email Tellaria Evensong at: tellariaevensong@gmail.com

Please make sure that you sign up for an Open Raid account if you are thinking of joining our raid team!

Also, please be sure to read the complete raid team rules and Tellaria’s raid lead philosophy here:



We will be replacing our guild forums, guild Ventrilo server, and guild Skype channels and conversations with Discord. For more information as to the specific reasons why we are making this change, please visit this post on our guild website:


Please sign up for a Discord account and request an invitation to the Coram Populo Discord server as soon as possible.

Other Games (Steam Group, Diablo 3, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm)

Many members of Coram Populo will be heavily invested in Season Seven of Diablo 3 and the first run of ranked matches and ladders in Overwatch. Many of our members also play Heroes of the Storm and other games on Steam.

To join our Steam community, please visit the link below:


If you are interested in participating in any outside activities, please contact a guild officer for more information. We are more than willing to assist with power leveling, gear/rift grinding, and greater rift progression in both the “seasonal” and “non-seasonal” modes of Diablo 3. We also will be forming Overwatch squads after Overwatch launches.

In addition, Discord will allow us to all keep in constant contact during days and times when people are participating in multiple activities across different games.

New Members and Applying to Join Coram Populo

If you are interested in joining us, please visit this page for complete details and instructions on how to apply for guild membership:


An email conversation and OOC interview is required. An IC interview or writing sample is not.

Summer 2016 and Beyond

We hope that all of you have have an amazing first half of 2016 and are as excited as we are for World of Warcraft in Legion and beyond. Thank you for your attention in this matter and please stay tuned for updates on specific departments, activities, events, and plans for the future.

As always, be safe, wherever you may be in the world.

– Tarcanus Frostbourne

Guild Leader, Coram Populo

Coram Populo Discord

Coram Populo Discord

Coram Populo has officially begun its move to Discord.

Discord is a text, voice, and communications platform that will replace our guild forums, Ventrilo server, and Skype channels/conversations.

Discord will work on your mobile device and web browser. Discord will also work as a desktop app run right on your computer (PC or Mac).

For more information and to start using Discord, please visit: www.discordapp.com

To join the Coram Populo Discord server, please whisper an officer for an invite link. You can also contact us via email for an invite link or send us the email address you use to sign up for Discord so that we can invite you to join the server.


Moving Forward

Although vBulletin, Ventrilo, and Skype have served Coram Populo well over the years, we must constantly analyze our current situation (and the technology available to us) and make decisions to move forward as needed or warranted.

Guild forums, message boards, and Internet forums in general have served role play guilds very well over the past eleven years. However, instant posting, the advent and rise of blogging and social media platforms, and the ability to have real-time feedback and communications has made vBulletin and other forum software largely obsolete for the purposes of running a guild or creative writing forum in World of Warcraft.

Ventrilo has also been a useful tool over the past decade. However, the need for instant, smooth, coherent, and clear communications is becoming more and more of a necessity (and expectation) in the gaming world.

Skype is a program that runs heavy at times and there are also security and data concerns when it comes to one’s personal information. It is also a program that needs to be updated constantly and does not always work well with mobile devices (or when synced between multiple mobile devices and computers). There is also the potential for ads and videos to show up when using the program that slow down the resources our computers need to get the most out of our gaming experiences.

In addition, all of the programs mentioned above cost a staggering amount of money to purchase, update, and license. vBulletin 4.0 cost nearly $400 when puchased four years ago. Our Ventrilo server costs over $100 a year to maintain. Skype is technically free. However, when used as we do for business and other purposes, it also costs money each year to maintain.

Thus, the Age of Discord is upon us. Although Discord is relatively new, it is a very light program that runs on your web browser, mobile device, and as a desktop app on your computer. There is room on a Discord server for both text channels and voice channels. There are private channels and secure channels as well. Discord does not have the same security risks as Skype. Therefore, it is our solution for the future.

Guild Forums Shutdown

Our guild forums will be shut down within the next five days (5/25/16). All old forum information, including posts, member and user data, private messages, blogs, articles, and all other data will be permanently deleted once the forums are shut down. There will be no way to recover this data once it is deleted, so please archive and save anything that you wish to keep before this time.

Guild Ventrilo Shutdown

Our guild ventrilo server will be shut down within the next five days as well (5/25/16). Login information, passwords, and user data will be deleted as soon as the server is shut down. There will be no way to recover this data once it is deleted, so please archive and save anything that you wish to keep before this time.

Guild Skype Channels and Conversations

All guild Skype channels will become largely inactive within the next month or so. People are welcome to continue to communicate with one another via Skype. However, all official guild communications, news, and information will be presented in our Discord server chat channels. Many of our members will discontinue the use of Skype as a communications platform and relay at this point in time, so please do not expect a response via Skype from any of our officers, guild members, or guild leader.

Thank You

Thank you for your attention in this matter and we hope to see all of you on our Discord server sometime soon.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them in the appropriate chat channel on our Discord server.

You may also email us at: corampopuloguild@gmail.com

Looking Forward: Legion, Role Play in Coram Populo

Looking Forward: Legion, Role Play in Coram Populo

As Warlords of Draenor continues to wind down and August 30 (when Legion is released) inches closer and closer, our role play team has been quite busy preparing for new stories, new role play, new excitement, and new fun for the next era of World of Warcraft and our guild. While we do not know the exact twists and turns the Warcraft story will take, we do know that creative writing and role play can be an enriching process for all of us. As such, we could not be more excited to move forward in Azeroth and beyond.

Before we start releasing specific information about our plans for the future, we first want to set the framework for not only the substance of role play in Coram Populo, but the tone and pacing of our activities as well. Thus, there are a few things to keep in mind as we publish more information in the coming months:

  1. There will be two new role play leads joining our officer corps shortly. These role play leads and officers have been working diligently over the course of the previous five months to create the next chapter in our guild story and will continue to work within the Role Play Department framework as we move into Legion.
    1. Tarcanus included, this will bring our official role play officer count to three.
    2. Our role play leads will be the voice of authority over role play matters in Coram Populo and assume the roles of both a guild officer and content creator within the guild.
      1. All of our officers are always open to receiving helpful messages, feedback and suggestions. However, please remember that it may take several days or longer to reply to a message or mail when life becomes busy for any/all of us.
      2. Please note that our role play officers and role play leads have final and complete discretion when designing, implementing, and executing official guild stories, events, and lines.
      3. Please note that our role play officers and role play leads have final and complete discretion in determining and interpreting guild rules, role play rules, and rules/policies for the Role Play Department in Coram Populo and may enforce them at their own discretion.
      4. Please note that role play officers and role play leads are given the authority to run guild events and campaigns as the final authority in all matters, decisions, and disputes.
  2. Our main goal for Legion is to provide players and guild members with the ability to attend, participate in, and actively contribute to the guild story, our various campaigns, and events that we host or create. However, we do wish to allow our officers, role play leads, storytellers, and guild members to lead active lives outside of the guild role play in addition to encouraging guild members to create their own role play with those around them outside of the official guild story.
    1. As such, we do encourage role players in Coram Populo to find role play stories, IC interactions, and IC relationships with those around them (outside of official guild role play) both from within the guild itself and from the outside community.
      1. Role play leads, dungeon masters, storytellers, and role play officers will not be available at all times (both ICly and OOCly) and will also be actively pursuing other interests in World of Warcraft, other games, and outside of the gaming/computer world.
      2. Most role players in Coram Populo have always found more interpersonal interactions with their characters and in the stories they write outside of official guild events and role play. Get out in the city! Find friends and role play partners who you connect and can role play with for many hours at a time (if you so desire)! Discover other players around you in this vast environment!
    2. One-on-one role play, interpersonal IC relationships, and personal story development is something that we would still prefer is left to an individual player to pursue at their own pace and comfort level. Our role play leads will design larger story arcs that encompass our designs for the guild story as a whole such as campaigns that focus on the objective or goals at hand rather than the interpersonal relationships or private role play between party members.
      1. Of course, IC relationships can naturally develop during role play campaigns, events, and on-going stories. But these will not be the focus or design of guild role play leads or officers.
  3. The Azerothian Trade Federation will still form the backbone of role play in Coram Populo. However, there will be some changes (to be announced at a later date) to the structure, design, and IC purpose of this organization.
    1. These goals and purposes will be incorporated into our guild story and our “opening event” in the coming months.
    2. Your characters are still welcome to open their own businesses, establish stories from past trade missions and campaigns, and participate in various stories that have already been created. However, the main focus of the organization at large will be shifting to a new direction after the Burning Legion returns (hint hint).
    3. More information will come over the next few months.
      1. Please check our guild website regularly for future updates (www.corampopuloguild.com).
      2. Please follow us on Tumblr for regular updates (corampopuloguild.tumblr.com).
  4. Guild rules and personal conduct policies in Coram Populo will remain largely unchanged and creating a happy and healthy environment will remain at the forefront of our purpose as a guild. We believe that we have found a good balance in achieving this over the past six years, and we do not want our guild environment as a whole to change.
    1. However, strong language and military/combat/mildly violent themes may emerge or be present before, during, or after a specific (or general) story or line within the guild story. This language and use of themes will be limited to IC (in character) interactions, content, and writing. It will also be used in some of the chat channels created for role play in the guild.
    2. This content, IC writing, and other contexts in which strong language is used will be used in a limited scope and will not affect our standards for guild chat, public chat channels, and forms of communication that people may find harassing, menacing, or violating the public space or disrupting the peace from an OOC (out of character) perspective.
      1. Sexual content will not be a part of guild role play or any story, line, or event that is created, hosted by, or executed by Coram Populo.
    3. Again, personal conduct policies and guild rules still apply at all times.
  5. We will be creating a role play channel for the guild so that role players may be able to communicate with one another without overloading guild chat with too much chatter or spam. Remember that Coram Populo has raiders, role players, social members and people who are leveling and we do wish to allow people to pursue these activities without too many distractions.
    1. We will announce what chat channel to join in-game when we are ready for people to join.
    2. We will announce the out-of-game channels and forms of communication that we will be using in the coming months (see below).
  6. Coram Populo will be transitioning from Ventrilo to Discord over the coming months. More information will be available as the Discord servers and channels are set up and we get a better feel for how Discord works as a whole.

Again, thank you for sticking with us as we plan for the future. More information will be posted as it becomes available and as we finalize the details of our guild role play design and implementation plans. We could not be more enthusiastic to take our guild role play into the future, and we hope that you are all just as excited for Legion as we are!

If you have any questions or comments or wish to apply for guild membership, please email us at: corampopuloguild@gmail.com

Swift travels until Legion, and as always, please be safe wherever you may be in the world.

Tarcanus Frostbourne

Guild Leader, Coram Populo

Blizzcon 2015 Review!

Blizzcon 2015 Review!

Well helllllllllo, everybody!

With Blizzcon wrapping up and things coming to an end for 2015, I thought I would share my own journey to the wonderful convention that inspires and excites us for the future. Of course, my own journey is but one of many and I could never hope to capture everything there was to see and do at this storied event. So, as always, please feel free to share your own adventures, anecdotes, and thoughts as well!

Thank you to everyone who made my first Blizzcon one to remember for the ages. It was a surreal yet friendly and exciting experience, and I would not trade it for anything.

I hope that you all got home safely (if you were lucky enough to attend) or enjoyed the virtual ticket streams and videos as well!

Take care, and as always, be safe, wherever you may be in the world.

Tarcanus Frostbourne

Coram Populo Transitions, Directions, and the Azerothian Trade Federation: From Warlords to Legion

Coram Populo Transitions, Directions, and the Azerothian Trade Federation: From Warlords to Legion

Editorial Note: This is a queued post. I am currently in jury duty and will not be able to respond to messages, emails, phone calls, or anything on social media until October 17, 2015. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

As I have received numerous questions about this over the past few weeks, I feel that it is important to give everyone an official heads up on what the plan is moving forward for Coram Populo and all of our guild activities. I apologize for not making a post of this nature sooner. However, real life, as we all know, can be quite busy (even though the things that have kept me busy have been infinitely exciting and I cannot wait to announce them).

More the point, however, I feel that it would be prudent to openly discuss the ebb and flow of activities in World of Warcraft from our (the guild’s) standpoint so that everyone comes in with a good pulse on the temperament of our guild and its direction as we look to the end of Warlords of Draenor. Obviously, as many of you have experienced over the past ten years, passions for various activities within this (and every other) game or activity can rise and fall, change and flow into something different than they were before. Ten years is quite a long time to take part in anything in life, and changing mindsets, goals, and feelings are to be expected along the way.

Before I get into any details, I am compelled to say that this post is not designed to be a statement about the current state of the game, the game itself, or what we think of the current or upcoming expansions. We are not leaving World of Warcraft, we are all doing well, and we still love it here. I know that I will never lose my passion for writing and I hope to continue doing so when life affords me the time to so. This is not a negative post. It is more to point out two things:

  1. Our guild officers and many of our guild members, who are ordinarily quite busy in real life, have a lot of exciting things going on right now (and for the foreseeable future) that will take them away from their computers.
    1. Some of us are buying houses and moving to better places, some of us will be traveling on once-in-a-lifetime work ventures, and some of us are changing careers for the better.
  2. We really want to hammer out and focus on what really drives Coram Populo to be an awesome place so that we can continue to do that moving forward.

So with that said, let me explain the direction that our leadership has envisioned for the guild moving forward:

Coram Populo has spent the vast majority of its time, energy, and focus on raiding and PvE-related activities during the past eleven months. This has been a great thing for all of us, and we could not be more proud of Marshal Tellaria Evensong, the “PvE Team”, and all of our raiders. Transitioning from “old school” methods of raiding to a new raid system and team setup in Warlords of Draenor was not a simple or easy task. However, Tellaria, Jaedan, Belorien and Talandriel have spent many arduous and taxing hours ensuring that PvE and raiding continues to be a staple of our guild activities and that the team stays positive and healthy as we inch closer to the end of the current expansion. I cannot thank them enough for their efforts and dedication to the guild during this expansion, as we would be nowhere near where we are today without each and every one of them.

In addition to thinking about what we have accomplished and thanking those that make such things possible, we as a guild must also realize where our own members’ interests lie. Much of what I just spoke about in my previous thoughts also raises the important point that any guild, group and community must also never lose focus of what makes the experience fun for everyone. During the vast majority of this expansion, that fun has come from raiding.

Again, this is not to say that everyone has suddenly lost passion in role play or creative writing. I know that I certainly have not. But, the logistic issues of not having enough time in a day for all that I want to do in life (and this being an issue for many of our other officers and members as well) combined with the current feedback we have received from our members about role play (for example, many new recruits have said during their interviews that they plan on coming back for Legion but will not play much for the remainder of Warlords) has led us to conclude that regrouping the guild role play and continuing it as Legion hits is in our best interest. We also do not want the quality of our role play events and stories to fall short of what we expect from ourselves as dungeon masters, story tellers, and role play leaders, especially considering that a large portion of our role play department is focused on education.

Therefore, in order to continue to drive forward enthusiasm in areas of the game that our members are interested in, we will continue to focus on PvE content and raiding until the end of Warlords of Draenor. We will also continue to provide a space for people to socialize, enjoy each other’s company, and chat on vent and in our various Skype channels.

So can I still join the raid team?

All raid team questions and inquiries should be directed to Tellaria Evensong at tellariaevensong@gmail.com. Tellaria is a guild marshal, our PvE Department Head, and raid team leader. He will be more than happy to speak with anyone interested in joining the raid team.

Please note that you will keep a few things in mind about raiding with Coram Populo:

  1. Please sign up for an OpenRaid account. This can be done at https://openraid.org/. OpenRaid is used for all raid night signups, roster management, and raid team approvals.
  2. Please also download and install Ventrilo.
  3. Email Tellaria for more information about joining the raid team.
  4. Be prepared to receive feedback and be open to individual meetings and review sessions so that you can improve as a player moving forward.
    1. Tellaria or another member of the PvE Team will sit down with you to talk about how you can improve and things that they see in the logs about your performance that you use to better yourself as a raider. This review is low-pressure and does not come with any judgement. Tellaria is all about learning and graduated steps towards success.
  5. Be prepared to learn about Warcraft Logs, Mr. Robot tools, post-fight analysis and other metrics so that you can learn to improve your own play in the future.
    1. Note that Tellaria will sit down with you one-on-one in a low-pressure environment to teach you about all of these things so prior knowledge of any of the tools or websites listed above is not required of you in order to join the team.
  6. Be prepared to have a positive and team-building attitude before, during, and after raid nights.
  7. Chat and voice communications are expected to be kept “PG” at all times.

So can I still join Coram Populo?

Yes! We are still recruiting. We just want everyone out there to know that our guild role play activities and stories are paused for the moment (and will be until Legion approaches). Again, we want people to know what they are getting into before they apply or contact us so that there is no disappointment if one discovers after joining that our official role play as a guild is not currently active.

With that said, if you are looking for a place to relax, socialize, and talk to other people, our doors are still open. If you are looking for a place to raid, we have that as well.

Also, as stated earlier, many of our new recruits have told us that they are not going to be playing again until Legion approaches. Therefore, we will have ample opportunity to start something new and exciting when the time comes to reignite the Azerothian Trade Federation and people start returning to the game and role play.

What about those guild recruitment interviews?

Because of jury duty, travel for work, and Blizzcon, I will be unable to conduct regular guild recruitment interviews until mid-November. Please send us an email at the guild email address to schedule an interview (BUT REMEMBER that I will not be able to check emails at this email account until October 17, 2015!).


What does this mean for guild role play, guild role play events, and the Azerothian Trade Federation?

All of our official guild role play activities will pick up again as Legion approaches (and as people return from their breaks and real life commitments). For now, however, most guild members will be engaging in their own personal role play stories or participating in community events that are open to the public.

Of course, all of our guild rules and personal conducts policies still apply, even if some of our officers may not be in game as much for the next few months. Talandriel and I will still be here to answer questions, field role play requests, and discuss upcoming news and information concerning role play and Legion (when I am free from jury duty on October 17, 2015, that is).

Who do I contact when Tarcanus is away?

Talandriel is the guild’s senior marshal and also our Chief Operating Officer. You can find her on Tumblr at: http://talandriel.tumblr.com.

Telleria is a guild marshal, the PvE Department Head, and raid team leader. You can email him at: tellariaevensong@gmail.com.

Belorien and Jaedan are guild commanders and also part of the PvE Team.

Klarabella is a guild lieutenant and social events coordinator. However, she is currently away from the game due to real life circumstances.

Anything else that I should know?

Please do check out all of the other amazing things that our members have going on outside of World of Warcraft!

I will be posting video blogs and start the countdown to Blizzcon quite soon on my YouTube channel. Of course, I will also be attending Blizzcon with Turwinkle and the LFRP Podcast and will report back on my findings and the happenings in Anaheim.

Again, I hope that everyone understands that this is an exciting time in real life for many of our current officers and members. Although we cannot share everything with you at this time, please know that all of these messages are meant to be positive and forward-looking so that we can all have the best experiences possible moving forward into Legion.

Thank you again for understanding, and as always, please be safe, wherever you may be in the world.

Tarcanus Frostbourne

Guild Leader, Coram Populo