Bounty: Transmog Gear (Paying Lots of Gold)!

Bounty: Transmog Gear (Paying Lots of Gold)!

So there have been a few things that I cannot seem to get to drop when farming transmogrification gear for my alts. No matter how many times I run raids and dungeons to acquire the patterns, recipes, or gear itself, a few pesky pieces continue to evade me. These pieces often times are not on the auction house either and spamming trade chat has not yielded much success.

Therefore, I’ve decided to place a bounty/reward out for various transmogrification pieces.

If you have such pieces, please CoD them to me at the prices listed below and I shall gladly accept them (so long as someone else has not already sent them to me):


Riches can be yours!

Belt of the Long Road (3,500 Gold)

Cloth – Crafted

This is the belt that will assist in completing the Avatar Regalia set for my priestess.

It is crafted by tailors but the pattern has never dropped for Tarc in Serpentshrine Cavern or the Eye.


Liseda Dawnbloom
“Tarc’s Sister”

Bloodtusk Shoulderpads of [Anything] (7,000 Gold)

Leather – Random Drop

This shoulder piece shall help complete the set for my rogue.

It is a random drop from mobs from the Isle of Thunder.


Erondrala Sunwarden

Again, if anyone has either of these two items, please CoD them to Tarcanus and I will be eternally grateful!

Thanks, and happy hunting!