With some of our guild leadership taking time traditionally used to role play in World of Warcraft to address personal issues and other concerns in life, I would like to take the time to update everyone on the role play of Coram Populo via the Order of Celestial Dawn.

Storytellers/Dungeon Masters

Moving forward, many of our stories and lines will be created, designed, directed, and run by our senior storytellers and dungeon masters. Please contact any of them to become more involved in any guild story or to introduce new characters into our guild story.

Lyrinel Morningflame

Executive Assistant to the Office of the Headmaster
Vice Chancellor of Education, Order of Celestial Dawn

Thradia Starshard

Chief Legal Counsel of the Order of Celestial Dawn

Zurilod Dawnreaver

Unit Head: Arms Unit
Personal Protectorate, Office of the Headmaster

I have full faith and confidence in the individuals listed above to create and design amazing lines that will provide the guild with much room for immersive and expansive experiences within the guild story. Please do not hesitate to contact them to become involved in any story.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to be back engaging with all of you in wonderful role play as soon as we possibly can. Please be well, and may your adventures be both fun and filled with character development!