Coram Populo Guild Meeting Notes (Sunday, August 24, 2014)

Coram Populo Guild Meeting Notes (Sunday, August 24, 2014)

Coram Populo Guild Meeting Notes (Sunday, August 24, 2014)

These are some of the topics that I will discussing during the official guild meeting tonight on vent! Please note that there will be more detail given over voice than can be type in one post here so please be sure to show up regardless of whether you read the notes or not!

Guild Leader Statement of the Month

Thank you to everyone who made this a remarkable past month! It has truly been a pleasure meeting all of the new members and seeing all of you out ant about in the community. For anyone who may be new, please do not be afraid to ask for help or assistance from your fellow guild mates. Many of us are always looking for role play or to further gear and improve our characters for PvE or PvP content.

Please always attempt to represent the guild in a positive manner to the community at large. Remember that your fellow guild members and those that you interact with both in and out of game are people first and foremost. Coram Populo has always been built upon positive energy and a welcoming, friendly environment for those looking to enjoy the game in all aspects regardless of background or experience level.

Congratulations to Our Raid Team!

Congratulations to the Coram Populo raid team who successfully defeated Garrosh Hellscream in Siege of Orgrimmar this month! It has been a long journey but I am so happy for everyone and would not want have wanted to cross the finish line with any other people in the game! Everyone kept their noses down and continued to work on their abilities until we were finally able to come together as a team and completely our ultimate objective and the entire team should feel proud of their accomplishment.

Please stay tuned for more information about raiding (including our current content team, Challenge Modes, and Mythic raiding) and PvE content later in the meeting.

Guild Website and Guild Forums

Although all of you have done so already, please feel free to take the time to review our guild website and forums once more. Signing up for a forum account and participating in our forums are great ways to enhance your guild experience and to further immerse yourself in the story of Celestial Dawn. The forums are also a useful tool for our raid team and PvP Division as well as a place to seek out role play assistance or find role play partners. Even if you simply wish to meet new people or get to know your guildies, there are threads for everything contained within our guild forums.

The URL for our guild website its:
The URL for our guild forums is:


If you have a Tumblr account for your character, please let us know so that we can add you to the links page of our guild Tumblr! We always enjoy reading drabbles, posts, and summaries of things that are going on with your characters and many of us read Tumblr right from our phones or tablets during the day.

The URL for our guild Tumblr (OOC) is:
The URL for our guild Tumblr (IC) is:

Meet Your New Division Commanders

With such a large and thriving guild, and with a wide range of hosted activities and events, each “division” of Coram Populo will now be headed by a senior officer of our organization. These Division Commanders will oversee many of the operations of their respective division in addition to providing administrative support to the infrastructure of the guild itself.

Please note that while Marshal Talandriel Sunchaser and myself do have administrative control over all guild operations and executive authority over any guild matters and the guild itself, your Division Commanders will have the freedom and creative license to craft their events, teams, activities, stories, and areas of expertise as they see fit.

You should always approach your Division Commanders FIRST about issues and questions related to their activities.

Tellaria Evensong (PvE Division Commander)

Tellaria will continue to lead LFR, advise the raid leaders on strategies and mechanics during Heroic progression, organize and lead Challenge Mode teams, and provide one-on-one training to those who wish to improve their performance in PvE content.

He will continue to perform these roles into the Warlords of Draenor expansion, in addition to aiding the guild in shifting from Heroic to Mythic mode progression and shifting from raiding with ten players to raiding with twenty players during Mythic mode raids.

If you wish to sign up for LFR, please watch for the events that Tellaria posts on the guild calendar.

If you wish to sign up for a guild Challenge Mode team, please post your interest on the guild forums listed above AND contact Tellaria in-game for further information and instruction.

If you wish to request one-on-one training, please contact Tellaria in-game or post your interest on the guild forums under the “Ask Tellaria” section.

Essalie Westcrown/Thradia Starshard (Role Play Division Commander)

Essalie will be creating new storylines and directions for the Order of Celestial Dawn beginning this week and continuing throughout the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

A focus on expeditions, research, and our outposts will be key in the coming expansion, and there will be much more room for adventure, action, and dungeon-style role play in the coming year.

This player also plays Thradia Starshard, the Vice Chancellor of Research for the Order of Celestial Dawn. This gives her ample opportunity to showcase various research storylines that have been in development for quite some time. Essalie Westcrown (the character) will remain on board as the new Head Librarian and Historian of the Order.

If you wish to become involved in any of the upcoming events or stories, please contact Essalie in-game or send us an email at the guild email address.

Lyrinel Morningflame (PvP Division Commander, Director of Human Resources, Chief Recruitment Officer)

Lyrinel will be organizing and conducting all of the PvP activities and teams for the guild during the final months of the Mists of Pandaria expansion and throughout Warlords of Draenor.

If you are interested in becoming part of a guild arena team, please contact her in-game or send an email to the guild email address.

Meet Your New Sergeant

Jaedan Snowdrift (PvE Advisor)

Jaedan will continue to advise the raid team on specific issues that arise as we progress through Heroic mode and into Mythic mode.

He will also assist Tellaria in designing strategies and tactics that will further enable us to complete encounters with as much efficiency as possible.

In addition, Jaedan will post useful guides and advice on the guild forums in order to help those who wish to improve their overall knowledge of PvE content.

PvE Content


Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. server time.

The guild runs LFR as a group on Tuesday evenings. This group is led by Tellaria Evensong, a senior advisor to the current content raid team and official PvE instructor of the guild.

LFR is a great way to attain gear while learning the basics of raiding as a group or team. In addition, running LFR with Coram Populo is a great way to get to know your fellow guildies and potential future raid partners.


Sundays, 5:30 p.m. server time.

The guild runs Flex as a group on Sunday evenings. This group is led by Essalie Westcrown, healer for the current content raid team.

Flex is a precursor to current content raiding (which is Normal/Heroic mode currently and will switch to Mythic raiding in the next expansion). Flex is used by the guild as a stepping stone from LFR and casual raiding to current content raiding. Members who participate in Flex raiding will have the opportunity to experience what a raiding environment feels like as well as receive feedback on their individual and group performances.

Normal/Heroic and Current Content

Monday/Friday 5:45 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. server time.

The guild runs Normal/Heroic raids as a group on Mondays and Fridays. This group is led by Tarcanus Frostbourne.

Current content raiding is a point of pride for the guild and one of the primary focuses of many of our senior members. We have nearly started progression Heroic mode and are fine tuning the remainder of our gear for the big jump. To join the raid team as an alternate, please contact myself or Talandriel for a quick conversation and overview of our current raid team situation.

Please note that prospective members should read our guild personal conduct policies, our raid team policies, our raid team etiquette policies, our weekly individual character improvement policies, and our policies on selecting raid team members and alternates for the team.

Mythic Mode Team

If you are interested in joining our Mythic mode team, please sign up for a forum account and post your interest in the thread dedicated to roster submission checks.

Mythic mode raiding will take place during the same time as our normally scheduled Normal/Heroic team raid times.

Please note that prospective members should read our guild personal conduct policies, our raid team policies, our raid team etiquette policies, our weekly individual character improvement policies, and our policies on selecting raid team members and alternates for the team.

Challenge Mode Teams

As stated previously, Tellaria will be leading and organizing Challenge Mode teams for the duration of the Mists of Pandaria expansion and will continue to do so into the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

If you are interested in joining a Challenge Mode team, please contact him in-game for more details AND sign up for a guild forum account in the process so that you can post your available times, progress, and other information under the appropriate forum section.

Several members of Coram Populo have achieved 9/9 Gold rankings under his advisement and may other members are well on their way to this mark as well.

Individual Raid Training and Player Development

If you are interested in one-on-one training to improve your performance in PvE content and raid situations, please do not hesitate to contact Tellaria on the guild forums or in the game itself.

Tellaria specializes in PvE player development and has a wealth of real life experience in teaching and education.

First and foremost, Tellaria will ensure that your experience is positive and conducted in a friendly and welcoming environment with no judgement and no pressure.

Tellaria will instruct you how to improve your mechanics, movement, targeting speed, and reaction times in addition to show you how to properly gear, prioritize stats, and alter your character builds. He can teach someone who has never raided end-game content before to become a proficient raider or teach a proficient raider how to utilize their abilities to the fullest extent possible (or anything in between).

Role Play


Academic, University, Adventure

Compendium of Leadership

Office of the Headmaster
Headmaster: Tarcanus Frostbourne
Executive Assistant: Lyrinel Morningflame
Chief Legal Counsel: Zosine Goldmyst (New Personnel Change)

Office of Masters
Founding Master: Verithari Lighthymn (Missing) ((OOC MIA))
Founding Master: Tindomiel Singsorrow (Missing) ((OOC MIA))

Defense Division – Commanding Officer: Talandriel Sunchaser
Arms Unit Department Head: Zurilod Dawnreaver
Reconnaissance Unit Department Head: Ameriya Nyteshade
Triage Unit Department Head: Amannette Hardy

Academic Division – Chancellor: Tarcanus Frostbourne
Head Librarian: Essalie Westcrown (New Personnel Change)
Research: Thradia Starchard (New Personnel Change)
Education: Lyrinel Morningflame
Ascendancy: Tarcanus Frostbourne

Summary of Recent Events

Pandaria Expedition
Most recently, the Order took an expedition to Pandaria to study Pandaren culture, art, history, warfare, arms, spirituality and people.

Tarc’s Teachings continues to occur once every month. Topics vary each month but mostly center around larger, philosophical issues and questions.

The Future

We are transitioning to become more involved and invested in research assignments and excursions due to the upswing in interest in adventure role play and the expressed desires by our members to role play throughout the world or in dungeons/raids.

The Order will soon be focusing on constructing outposts in various continents, including when the expansion hits in Warlords of Draenor.

Classes, Seminars and Lectures
Classes and seminars will now be held on a monthly basis as to allow more time for random role play, walk-up role play, and excursions. Special lectures and guest lectures can be held at any time and always feel free to pitch an idea for a class or event that you think might fit for your character and your personal role play interests.

Become Involved!

We ALWAYS welcome new role players to the guild, regardless of their role play experience or time in game. We love to meet all your characters and see you turn out at role play events.

If you wish to take on your own expedition, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to facilitate that.

If you wish to hold your own seminar or teach your own classes, please also contact one of us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

If you have an aspiring student or academic or have an apprentice that needs a tutor, please feel free to send us an in-game mail or walk up at any time.

Even if you have characters that are mercenaries, bards, or spellswords, musicians, or party animals there are always reasons and room for any character to becoming involved in the guild storyline, whether it be our Defense Division, Academic Division, or as an associate working with us in various parts of Azeroth to help us reach our goals (whatever they may be).

The only thing we always ask is that players always abide by our personal conduct policies and guild rules with regards to player conduct, both ICly and OOCly.

PvP Content

Lyrinel is the leader of our PvP Division, working tirelessly to form a rated battleground team and guild arena teams.

If you are interested in participating in either, please contact her for more information.

Please note that she and others are more than willing to run random battlegrounds and arenas with guild members in order to help them catch up with gear that they will need in order to progress to higher arena ratings or participate in rated battlegrounds.

Again, you should always feel free to ask in guild chat if people are free and want to run arenas or battlegrounds with you!

Old Content / Legendary Farming

Beginning in September, Lyrinel and other officers will begin running old content during the week so that people are farm transmog gear, titles, achievements, reputations, and legendary items!

Please stay tuned to the guild forums and our guild website for more information.

For further details or to make an inquiry, please whisper Lyrinel or send her an in-game mail!

Social Events

Again, please check out our guild forums for information regarding our social events and parties that we may be throwing on vent and in-game. We often plan things once or twice a month so that we can shoot the breeze and get to know one another better.


If you have not already subscribed to our wonderful new podcast, please do so! The “Looking for Role Play” podcast, or “LFRP” podcast is a great new podcast filled with useful information for role players of all types and experience levels no matter what platform or medium they choose to role play with or on. Hosted by Tarcanus Frostbourne, Lyrinel Morningflame and Turwinkle the Gnome Mage, this podcast will be a welcome edition to any electronic music library. New episodes come out each week via Stitcher, iTunes, TuneIn and direct download!