Throne of Thunder: Our First Guild Horridan Kill!

Congratulations to the entire guild and our raid team for finally besting Horridan last night!  We pulled it off relatively swiftly and even got to the Council before our allotted raid time expired!

Everyone should feel proud of themselves – we have ten consistent people and a healthy group of alternates ready to go when flex raiding begins in addition to continuing to work on current content with traditional raid team compositions!  We’re very happy with everyone and the results that we’ve experienced this week!

Next week we shall aim for besting the first two fights in Throne of Thunder before the end of our first raid night (Thursday) and getting a few great shots at the Council!

Please review all the guide videos for the Council fight BEFORE next week and continue to cap your valor and improve your gear as best you can!  You’re all amazing!  Stay safe out there!