Quel’Delar: The Sister Blade Storytelling Role Play

Tarcanus cleared his throat, looking out upon the many members of the order who had gathered to join him atop the grassy knoll. It was a quiet evening, the warm sun slowly sinking into the waters of the vast horizon and a gentle breeze beginning to waft in from the sea. Dragonhawks and mana wyrms could be seen floating about the peaceful beaches of the coast as the twilight faded into bright oranges and yellows on the surface of the rippling waves. This was Quel’Thalas. This was home.

Of course, this evening, there was much work to be done. This evening, they would start a project that was less about physical recreations and manifestations and more about their own memories and spirit. While largely unaware of what they were about to experience, most of the members who stood before Tarcanus were eager to discover what exactly they would be doing.

Still injured from recent events, Tarcanus reached up with his unblemished arm and cut through the air in a silent, sweeping motion as he began slowly:

How many of you can say that you’ve recreated something in your mind with such vivid accuracy and detail it was as if you were right there in the moment – feeling the wind rush against your body, sensing the presence of those around you, allowing you heart to be filled with an endless swirl of emotions? How many of you have ever tried?

Pausing briefly, he glanced to each and every individual in the crowd, making sure to look them directly in the eye.

Tonight, you will do just that. Tonight, you will reach into your own minds and pull out the ledger upon which the annals of time were written long ago. It will be a journey most spiritual, most intense, and hopefully, with some luck, you will learn and grow from it. Lessons are to be found everywhere in the deep recesses of your mind, so long as you are willing to find them..

Trailing off, he nodded at the small wooden boxes he had placed at their feet.

Open them… and let us begin…

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