5.3 Legendary Cloak Trial – Ranged DPS Guide

For those raiders who have finally succeeded in collecting those pesky tablets of history and the heart of the Thunder King, a final challenge awaits before you can claim the cloak that is rightfully yours!

For each type of character build, there is a unique challenge that awaits you at one of the four temples you visit with Wrathion by your side.

Ranged DPS find their challenge nestled away in the Temple of the Jade Serpent, conducted under the watchful eye of Yu’lon.

During this challenge, players will fight a blind-folded Wrathion in a “1 v 1” style arena match.  In order to pass the challenge and claim the item level 600 cloak, a character must beat Wrathion in this “duel” of sorts before he can kill you.

Most of Wrathion’s abilities during this encounter need to either be avoided or side-stepped /kited in some way.  Players should attack Wrathion from BEHIND, as this will improve damage done to him by 250%!

Wrathion will spawn adds from time to time that need to be kited and avoided while quickly DPS’ed down TOGETHER.  Adds that reach the player will cause massive amounts of damage and there are multiple adds that spawn at the same time.  Adds should be kept grouped together while kited so that they die at the same time (otherwise, they will start spawning at the different times and be more difficult to DPS down as a group).

Wrathion will also use a 180-degree frontal cone attack that needs to be avoided at all costs.  Be aware that the effect of this ability is larger than the graphic that appears on the screen, so you REALLY need to get out of the way.

Finally, Wrathion will spawn pools of fire and rain down meteors.  Both of these abilities should be avoided as each causes massive amounts of damage.

Please note that you CAN use flasks, potions, and food buffs during this encounter in addition to having other class buffs active during the fight.