A Story Begins

A Story Begins

Tarcanus allowed his eyes to drift off into the ripples of the water, finding comfort in the fact that he had set the wheels in motion to all of the plans he had envisioned months ago.  Although it had been hard work and taken many long nights of tavern talk and midnight strolls, the order was finally becoming more populated and emboldened.

“Dorian, Ming Lao, Nalleria, Haaron, Tyrathil, Felano, Alyriel…” Tarcanus whispered into the calm breeze as a sly grin slowly appeared on his face.  “Anaveya, Felano, Fiamma, Betaria, Jannet…”

Of course, they were an odd collection of individuals who had answered the ominous call to arms, so to speak.  Each with widely varying backgrounds and personal stories, everyone had something to offer, no matter how mundane it would seem to the average person.

There were healers and herbalists, entertainers and bards.  Some were warriors or wielders of the Light.  Others were unholy creations that had regained their free will.  Tarcanus and a few others used the magical arts to perform their daily tasks.  It was sufficient to say that the group was diverse, if not a motley crew incarnate.

Yet, there they had all stood, confiding in each other and learning that they each would share in this common goal.  Although some of their personal interests and wants from life differed, they all agreed to follow the directions and orders of that which was given out by the order.

“Well, here goes nothing, I suppose,” Tarcanus thought to himself, almost in disbelief.  “From the darkest corners of the library to… this…”  Chuckling lightly, he shook his head and gaze out toward the setting sun.  Yes, it seemed like most things in life, change was in the winds.  He knew of that better than anyone.

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