A Strong Start to Emerald Nightmare (5/7 Normal)

A Strong Start to Emerald Nightmare (5/7 Normal)

Congratulations to our guild raid team which downed 5/7 bosses in the Emerald Nightmare (N) last week!

The action was intense and the bosses were angry, but we still managed to progress far into the depths of the former Emerald Dream. This week we hope to clear the first five bosses on Tuesday and progress past Cenarius on Friday. If we are on our game, we might even have a chance at clearing Xavius by the end of the week!

Of course, raid team spots are still open and the expansion is still fresh! DPS players are especially needed right now, so this is your chance to get in on the action and beat the Burning Legion into submission while acquiring shiny new gear along the way.

For more information about raiding with Coram Populo, please visit the PvE and raid team pages located on our guild website:

Detailed Raid Team Rules

You check out our progression on WoWProgress as well:


To schedule an interview to join Coram Populo, please email us:


You can also always join our Discord server and speak with us directly:


Please note that if you are interested in raiding with us, you will first need to speak with our raid leader, Tehrass, and create an OpenRaid account.

PvE Department Head: Tehrass

Coram Populo’s PvE Department is led by Tehrass.

Tehrass is a veteran raid leader and PvE expert who most recently led the guild to new heights in Hellfire Citadel.

Please contact him with any questions or concerns you may have about raiding, Mythic+ dungeons, training, and PvE tactics.

Battletag: Tehrass#1655


All Signups via Open Raid!

All raid signups are managed through OpenRaid (http://openraid.org) and will NOT appear on the in-game calendar! Therefore, if you are interested in raiding, please sign up for an account on OpenRaid in addition to contacting Tehrass and speaking with him first about your raid interests and where you might able to fit in within the current raid team roster!

Our guild’s OpenRaid page can be found here (note: you will need to register for an OpenRaid account and be logged in to the website in order to view our guild page):