Adventurous Antiquarian – Pandaria Expedition

Adventurous Antiquarian – Pandaria Expedition

Here are some tips for making the most out of your time during our first official guild expedition in the new Azerothian Trade Federation story arc.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at the following email address:

Coram Populo Guild Email

You may also send us an in-game mail or ask questions in guild chat. Tarc’s Teachings this Saturday will review and further detail our own unique combat role play system so that everyone is on the same page before the first combat role play experience begins for all who can attend!

Again, we hope that you all enjoy this amazing new story and as always, have fun!

Event Dates

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 – Sunday, June 7, 2015 (or later depending on expedition findings, role play combat resolutions, ect.)

Getting Your Character There

We all understand that many of you will still be at work, on the road or at the aiport, picking kids up from school, or unable to log on for other reasons during the start of the expedition. Therefore, you are not required to physically be in game in order to have your character attend the launch event or be physically on the ships in order to be written into the story and said to have made the journey with the group to Pandaria.

Please let me know if your character would have joined the expedition crew on the ship and arrived with the main group on the Pandaren island. This way, we will be able to write as though your character is there, even if you the player are not.

Role Play Combat

Please review our role play manual and guide, specifically the section on role play combat and the simplified roll system that we utilize to resolve combat actions in Coram Populo. Although we will not engage in combat role play activities until this weekend, reviewing our unique system and preparing for the OOC lesson on combat role play (Tarc’s Teachings this Saturday – June 6, 2015) is highly recommended.

IC vs. OOC Character Placement

In case it has not be explicitly stated yet, you do not have to physically plant your character in Pandaria (and keep them there) for the next six days to participate in the expedition.

ICly, yes, your character will be in Pandaria and a part of the expedition. So it will be assumed and written into canon guild lore that your character was there for the entire five to six days with the others.

OOCly, however, once your role play activities have ended for a particular scene or moment, you are free to play your character for other game purposes and those actions are not considered “in character” or a part of the canon (or officially recorded history) of the expedition or guild story.

For example, let’s say you bring a character ICly (”in character”) on the expedition. However, you also have raid on Friday night that you need to attend on that character (Fridays are indeed raid nights for Coram Populo). Just because you raid in Draenor on Friday does NOT mean your character left Pandaria within the frame of the story arc. Thus, other characters on the expedition ICly and we as guild historians and story tellers OOCly will assume that your character was in Pandaria the entire time.

Role Play on the Expedition that is Outside Official Guild Event Times

Of course, anyone who has their character on the Pandaria expedition is free to role play their characters outside of the official guild event times and organized activities. If your character meets someone on the expedition that they really enjoy talking to, by all means, continue to talk even when the story tellers or dungeon masters leave for the evening or when the others log off and go to bed. If your character wants to walk into town during the morning before anyone else is awake, by all means, add that little scene to your character’s personal story.

Just because the event leader, story teller, or dungeon master is away does not mean that you cannot enjoy role play with other characters on the expedition, NPC’s that you encounter with your character, and other role players that may be in the area at the time.