April 2014 Coram Populo Information Recap!

April 2014 Coram Populo Information Recap!

Real Life Update

Thank you all for being so understanding over the past month at my lack of in-game and in-Tumblr presence.  The annual Spring domestic road trip for work has officially concluded successfully and I am once more back at home and ready to get back into things.

My Personal Availability, Tumblr, and Skype

I am once again available full-time on Tumblr and Skype for the purposes of role play and discussion of guild-related matters.  The only thing I ask is if you send Tarc or my other characters a letter that is of critical importance to a story or line that we have going on, please send me a mail so I know that it exists and doesn’t get lost in the endless Feed Monster.

My Deepest Thanks and Appreciation

Talandriel, Lyrinel and all of the Sergeants of Coram Populo have been nothing short of amazing during the time that I have been away from the game.  They have not only maintained and cultivated all of our role play during the course of the past three and a half weeks, but also added new people to our amazing mix of individuals.  The guild is only as great as the people in it, so thank you for making it the place that it has become.

Thank you as well to those who have sent me words of encouragement or who have been supportive and welcoming when I did have the chance to log back into the game during my trip.  It is awesome to see just how great the community is here and I hope to continue building relationships as we move forward into the future.

Structural and IC / OOC Organizational Updates

Here is a quick reference chart for those who wish to know the various contacts and offices within the guild/Order.

For all intents and purposes (in the event that I am not online or available on Skype), all OOC and general “Coram Populo” guild business should be directed to…

  • Guild Marshal Talandriel (has the full authority of my office and is able to make any decision and conduct any business that I normally make or conduct on behalf of the guild).
  • Lieutenant Lyrinel.
  • Sergeant Zurilod.
  • Sergeant Rhaelia.
  • Sergeant Alyriel.

For all IC business with the Order of Celestial Dawn…

Within the Defense Division…

Within the Academic Division…

Sandbox Role Play Creative License and Literary Freedom for All!

One of the most impressive things that I have seen when looking back on Tumblr and in catching up with people is that individuals and groups with the guild have taken the initiative to form their own lines and stories and act on their own volition.

Please know that this is ALWAYS welcomed with open arms (provided it stays within our personal conduct policies, of course).

One of the tenants that the Order of Celestial Dawn was built upon is that people should have the ability to take their stories and positions within the Order and run with them.  Instead of our group being defined as a strictly “top down” organization ICly and OOCly, it is better described as a tree with branches running in many unique and different directions.

You all have amazing creative and literary minds and should feel free and unhampered in using them within our story!

Guest Speakers, Lecturers, and Community Announcements

Starting this week and continuing into the foreseeable future, the Order of Celestial Dawn will begin offering new avenues to speaking at our events.

Traditionally, guest lecturers would form their own courses, classes or seminars and speak to our students and scholars over a period of multiple weeks or months.

Or, guest lecturers would be invited or request to speak at an official meeting of Celestial Dawn or during the entirety of the time scheduled for out regular weekly Saturday lecture.

However, many of us have come to realize that not everyone is comfortable preparing and executing a two-hour lecture or being burdened with the responsibility to doing such a thing for multiple weeks or months at a time.  We also realize that some members of the community may only have a very specific and concise message that they wish to convey to our organization and those in attendance at our events.

Therefore, starting this weekend and moving forward, we will be offering those who wish to speak for fifteen or twenty minutes before the “Tarc’s Teachings” event on Saturday an opportunity to do so.

We believe that this will provide a happy medium for those who wish to deliver a message or offer a service to our community but do not feel comfortable or do not wish to speak for an entire lecture session or over the course of multiple lecture sessions.

If you are interested, please contact myself, Talandriel, or Lyrinel and we can get you slated and pointed in the right direction!

Please also note that traditional and full-time lecturer positions are STILL available (as are “one time guest lecturer” slots), so if you are interested in those they still exist and are not going away.

Current Active Courses, Seminars and Lecture Series


Lichen, Fungi and You (NOT ICLY SANCTIONED)

Tuesdays (Alternating), 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (Before Guild LFR)

(Scholar: Roanathos Umbrafel)

Assembles in the northwest corner of the Bazaar.

Author of the acclaimed book, A Treatise on the Filamentous Arbuscular Mycorrhizas and Lichens of Outland, Roanathos Umbrafel will guide students along the path of learning to utilize various lichen and fungi specimens in the research and development of helpful products in the world.

IMPORTANT!  This event is not officially sanctioned by the Order of Celestial Dawn due to recent IC events!  However, this is confined strictly to IC feelings and reasoning and OOCly we wish for people to know that class is still being conducted! <3

Appreciation of Music, Dance, Theatre and Performing Arts

Tuesdays (Alternating), 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (Before Guild LFR)

(Scholar: Lyrinel Morningflame)

Assembles in the northwest corner of the Bazaar.

Musician, performing arts aficionado, and master of making those around her smile, Lyrinel Morningflame will take students on a journey through the various harmonies and melodies of our world so that they may better appreciate the sights and sounds around them.

Ancient Arms

Wednesdays (Alternating), 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

(Scholar: Zurilod Dawnreaver)

Assembles in the northwest corner of the Bazaar.

Topics will center around ancient weapons and tools of war and the materials used to forge them.  This will include live demonstrations and samples of ore and magical essences used to craft fine weapons of all types.

Art History: A Brief Survey

Saturdays (Alternating), 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

(Scholar: Liseda Dawnbloom)

Assembles in the northwest corner of the Bazaar.  Locations will vary.

Liseda Dawnbloom, world traveler and curator of the Dawnbloom Collection of Fine Art, shall take students to various cities and locations to survey works of art in the interest of discerning the true (and often hidden) meanings and reasons behind the artist’s work.

Group Research

Saturdays, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

(Scholar: Tarcanus Frostbourne)

Assembles in the northwest corner of the Bazaar.

The Order of Celestial Dawn is currently researching various areas of the Dragon Aspects, specifically in the historic areas of Tanaris in the Caverns of Time.

(( Dragon Soul runs with IC research being conducted at the same time that we are grinding out the meta achievement. ))

Tarc’s Teachings

Saturdays, 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

(Scholar: Tarcanus Frostbourne)

Assembles in the northwest corner of the Bazaar.

Topics will vary week to week but are centered on larger philosophical questions and ideas.  Please be prepared to answer questions posed to the audience throughout the afternoon and evening, and to think outside the box on topics not often thought upon in our daily lives.

Guest Lecture Series

Saturdays, 4:30 p.m. – 4:50 p.m.

(Scholar: Varies)

Assembles in the northwest corner of the Bazaar.  Guest will speak at the start of the “Tarc’s Teachings” event.

The Order of Celestial Dawn hosts a guest lecture series for those in the community who wish to speak to our students and scholars in an open environment.

Current Scheduled and Past Speakers:

(3/22/14) Highlord Nikkitah Blightheart and Madame Lynduros Mistmourn of the Psychiatric Associates of Silvermoon

(4/5/14) Madame Darkcyn Nighthaven on Animal Preservation and Healing

(4/12/14) Madame Amariesse Starsinger-Dracone of The Silvermoon Registry


Current and Ongoing Specialized Research

Archaeology and Artifacts

Contact: Headmaster Tarcanus Frostbourne

Scourge and Remnants

Contact: N/A (Discontinued Due to Sensitive Nature of Research)

Art and Our World

Contact: Liseda Dawnbloom


(( If you would like to be a guest lecturer, researcher, or someone associated with the Order of Celestial Dawn in an official capacity, please send me an in-game mail or email to the guild email address.


This requires both an IC and OOC conversation (not really an interview) between Tarc/me and the person wishing to teach, research or lecture. ))


Update on the Estate

Upgrades and improvements to the headquarters of the Order have come along quite nicely over the past few months.

Defenses at the Estate are pretty much completed, with the exception of the final automated defense systems and mechanical devices on order from engineer Melada Sunstriker.

Roads, pathways, tunnels, and other avenues of transportation have been cleared and expanded, giving the Order additional capabilities to move equipment or people en masse or evacuate quickly during an emergency.

Walls and holdings for the automated sentries have been erected at both the property boundaries of the Estate itself and around the main building and living areas.  Coastal fortifications have been built near the docks and smaller waterways around the property.

Provisions and emergency stores have been brought in and placed in various underground storage areas, with defense equipment and ammunition residing in the caverns beneath the docks and field houses.

Smaller, stand-alone pylons have been constructed to provide power and magical energy in the event of a prolonged siege.

Portable communication devices have been placed on order and will be delivered to members of the Order once shipped and acquired.

Renovations to all of the offices are nearly complete, with people in place to fill them as needed.

The research wings, academic halls, lecture hall, music facility and manicured grounds are all polished and neatly organized and cleaned for all of our scholars, employees and guests.

The living quarters are updated with the newer furniture and better devices for recording notes and storing everything from necessary sundries to academic equipment.

Business cards and informational pamphlets on the following organizations and events are located around the grounds of the Estate, living quarters, and outside lecture halls:

The Silvermoon Registry

Psychiatric Associates of Silvermoon

More Later

I am sure that I have forgotten something so I will post later as needed!

Thank you all, again, for all the support and well wishes during my trip.  We kept all of our clients and got three new ones so it was good news all around over the past month.

And now that I have an extended break, it’s time to get back to WoW and role play and everything in between!

I hope to catch up with you all quite soon, both ICly and OOCly.  Take care, everyone, and be well!

– Tarc