Becoming a Teacher, Lecturer, Division Commander, or Artisan of Celestial Dawn

Advanced Leadership in Celestial Dawn

For those interested in commanding their own IC research team, teaching their own classes, leading certain divisions of Celestial Dawn, and holding their own seminars, please contact Tarcanus in-game or at the guild email address listed below:

Please note that Tarcanus will be conducting a two-phase vetting process for those prospective candidates.  The details of each stage are listed below:

1.) In-Character Interview

Tarcanus will need to interview your character and examine his or her credentials for leading such an endeavor.  Please have an outline and prospectus on what goals your character wishes to accomplish, how he or she shall go about achieving those goals, and how he or she shall measure the success of the endeavor.  Please note that your character will need to be able to lead and teach his or her peers in addition to being knowledgeable about the subject(s) at hand.

2.) Out-of-Character Interview

Tarcanus will need to interview you on ventrilo or in party chat to determine your ability to schedule events consistency, to show up with a prepared lesson plan or dungeon crawl or story arc at each event, and to lead a group of individuals in a fair and balanced manner.  All of this should be done efficiently while at the same time accomplishing the objectives set forth by the guild.  Leadership, storytelling ability, dungeon master experience, and other things of this nature will be considered as part of your proposal to lead an expedition team, class, seminar, or other official division of Celestial Dawn.

3.) Other Considerations

Please note that applying for a position does NOT guarantee acceptance, either in character or out of character.

Please remember that teaching a class or holding a seminar is a reflection on the Order of Celestial Dawn and Coram Populo as a guild.  Knowledge of lore, being a fair dungeon master or storyteller, and the ability to lead large amount of your peers in an entertaining and interesting manner are key to the success of your endeavors.

The more thought and detail you put into your plan of action, the more people (and you) will get out of this process!

And lastly… relax!  This is supposed to be fun!