Role Play Meeting and Stream!

Role Play Meeting and Stream!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to our guild role play planning meeting and stream on Saturday!

We had a lot of guild members and individuals from the Twitch and YouTube community show up to the festivities, which made the event both lively and informative (#Frostarcles). More information regarding the specific role play plans for the guild, the Azerothian Trade Federation, and the OOC workshops and seminars will be posted shortly.

In general, it was decided that OOC seminars and workshops were something that our guild members really wanted to participate in and organize. It was also decided that casual social meetups and events were sought, with some individuals volunteering to lead D&D style campaigns and expeditions as well.

Video Replay of the Role Play Meeting and Stream

If you missed the meeting or the stream, there is a “video on demand” replay of all the action available on Twitch. Please note that this replay will only be available for thirty (30) days.

We will also upload the replay of the steam to YouTube as soon as possible.

Streamlining Role Play, Tarcanus Style

Because of time constraints and real life concerns, Tarcanus will be merging many of the role play activities that are a part of the guild and his YouTube/Twitch/podcasting work together. Thus, many of the streams for Twitch and videos for YouTube that are related to role play and creative writing will also encompass the activities we put together for the guild. ICly, this means some of the walk-up role play, social events and other stories will be highlighted and used for YouTube and Twitch videos or streams. OOCly, this means that the educational workshops for the guild will also be streamed to Twitch and uploaded to YouTube.

This will not only save time, but allow Tarcanus to focus on a single IC and OOC direction for both the guild and his YouTube/Twitch/podcast work to ensure that the quality of the content we are providing continues to be as high as possible.

In essence, instead of having one OOC seminar or workshop for the guild and another OOC seminar or workshop for YouTube/Twitch audiences that covers the same topic or information, there will be one OOC seminar on that topic for both groups to consume. Instead of having one story for the Azerothian Trade Federation for guild members and another storyline for people who are interested in role play on YouTube/Twitch, there will be a singular story that all can participate in at one time.

Role Play Leads, Storytellers, Dungeon Masters and Moar Wanted!

If you are interested in becoming a role play lead, storyteller or dungeon master, please contact Tarcanus in-game or via the guild email address:

Important Video Media, Blog, and Website Information

Please also visit, follow, and subscribe to the following video media outlets, blogs, and websites which are relevant to our guild role play, our OOC video seminars/workshops, and the story of the Azerothian Trade Federation:

Video Workshops, Seminars, and Meeting Replays

Creative Writing and Artistic Blogs for Coram Populo and the Azerothian Trade Federation

Tarcanus’ IC Creative Writing and Role Play Blog


Please join the following Discord server to stay in contact with your fellow role players. Please note that this Discord server is SEPARATE and UNIQUE from our guild Discord server and is designed to network everyone from YouTube, Twitch, Tumblr, the guild, the role play and artistic community, and the Warcraft community in general.

Blizzcon 2015 Review!

Blizzcon 2015 Review!

Well helllllllllo, everybody!

With Blizzcon wrapping up and things coming to an end for 2015, I thought I would share my own journey to the wonderful convention that inspires and excites us for the future. Of course, my own journey is but one of many and I could never hope to capture everything there was to see and do at this storied event. So, as always, please feel free to share your own adventures, anecdotes, and thoughts as well!

Thank you to everyone who made my first Blizzcon one to remember for the ages. It was a surreal yet friendly and exciting experience, and I would not trade it for anything.

I hope that you all got home safely (if you were lucky enough to attend) or enjoyed the virtual ticket streams and videos as well!

Take care, and as always, be safe, wherever you may be in the world.

Tarcanus Frostbourne

Coram, Legion and Beyond!

Coram, Legion and Beyond!

With the announcement of the next expansion in World of Warcraft and the excitement over new content and things to do, all of us at Coram Populo have eagerly begun a new planning phase for the guild as we push forward towards the end of Warlords of Draenor and prepare for the next big step in this game we all love.

Although may of us have been around for five, six, or even ten years, World of Warcraft never ceases to entertain, invigorate, and enrich our lives. We hope that the next expansion will do just the same and we have plenty of things in the works to ensure that our own little community will be stronger than ever.

Here is a small preview of areas within the guild that we will be discussing in the third and fourth quarters of 2015:

PvE, Raiding, Challenge Modes, Training

Marshal Tellaria Evensong has masterfully led our raid team and PvE Department through the transition from being a 10-Normal team during the past four expansions to a fluid, flexible Normal mode team in Warlords of Draenor. With the use of OpenRaid and other recruitment tools, Tellaria and the PvE Team have constructed an amazing system that allows us to progress in raids while also training, educating, and recruiting new players to our guild.

As we move forward, we will be discussing many topics with regards to PvE within Coram Populo. Some of these include:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Player Development and Education
  3. Personal Improvement and Tutoring
  4. Individual and Group Educational Seminars and Workshops
  5. Personalized Guides and Write-Ups
  6. Using Metrics and Outside Tools to Analyze Raids, Raid Team Members, and Overall Progress Towards Raid Team Goals
  7. Using “Human” Resources and Capital to Further Team and Guild Goals
  8. Successfully Dividing Resources and Time to be at Peak Efficiency and Performance in Key Areas

Role Play

The Azerothian Trade Federation has become the framework for the IC interactions, events, writing, and role play within Coram Populo. Many of the connections, relationships, and founding businesses have been set in motion and are now a part of our official guild story.

As we move forward, we will continue to utilize this role play story arc as a fundamental part of our role play and creative writing community with the guild.

We will also focus on several key areas to promote role play and role players within Coram Populo. Some topics to discuss include:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Balancing Time In-Game Role Playing with Time on Social Media and Blogging for Characters
  3. Dedicated Guild Role Play Events
  4. Casual Social Events and Tavern Crawl Evenings
  5. Networking in Healthy, Positive Ways within the Role Play Community
  6. OOC Education: Tarc’s Teachings vs. The Daily Grind and Alternates
  7. Promoting and Stimulating Self-Growth and Interaction Among Guild Members
  8. Promoting “Self-Contained Stories” Among Guild Members and Businesses
  9. Creating a Strong “Azerothian Trade Federation” Brand and Identity


While being a wonderful community in World of Warcraft has been a blessing in itself, we also wish to create a meaningful bond between guild members on many different levels.

Changes to promote this that have already been enacted include:

  1. Recruitment via OOC Voice Interviews to Increase Retention and “Ownership” of One’s Membership
  2. Social Events and Outside Websites, Resources, and Social Media Connections

We will continue to devise new ways to connect our membership base as one unit while allowing people to develop interpersonal relationships with one another that flourish and last for a very long time.


Although the release of Legion is quite far away, all of us believe that our community and guild should always be prepared to change, adapt, and promote good things within our ranks. Therefore, as we progress through our planning and development phases and continue to move along in Warlords of Draenor, we hope that the horizon is just as bright as the past we have all been a part of throughout the years.

Suggestions and Ideas

If you have an idea to better the guild (or wish to see something new implemented into our guild structure in the future), please do not hesitate to tell us what is on your mind! No idea is too small and no suggestion is too silly. In fact, we welcome anything that you might wish to throw out there to make Coram Populo the best place it can be.

You can always reach us at our guild email address at:

You can also send us an “ask” on our Tumblr page:

Adventurous Antiquarian – Pandaria Expedition

Adventurous Antiquarian – Pandaria Expedition

Here are some tips for making the most out of your time during our first official guild expedition in the new Azerothian Trade Federation story arc.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at the following email address:

Coram Populo Guild Email

You may also send us an in-game mail or ask questions in guild chat. Tarc’s Teachings this Saturday will review and further detail our own unique combat role play system so that everyone is on the same page before the first combat role play experience begins for all who can attend!

Again, we hope that you all enjoy this amazing new story and as always, have fun!

Event Dates

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 – Sunday, June 7, 2015 (or later depending on expedition findings, role play combat resolutions, ect.)

Getting Your Character There

We all understand that many of you will still be at work, on the road or at the aiport, picking kids up from school, or unable to log on for other reasons during the start of the expedition. Therefore, you are not required to physically be in game in order to have your character attend the launch event or be physically on the ships in order to be written into the story and said to have made the journey with the group to Pandaria.

Please let me know if your character would have joined the expedition crew on the ship and arrived with the main group on the Pandaren island. This way, we will be able to write as though your character is there, even if you the player are not.

Role Play Combat

Please review our role play manual and guide, specifically the section on role play combat and the simplified roll system that we utilize to resolve combat actions in Coram Populo. Although we will not engage in combat role play activities until this weekend, reviewing our unique system and preparing for the OOC lesson on combat role play (Tarc’s Teachings this Saturday – June 6, 2015) is highly recommended.

IC vs. OOC Character Placement

In case it has not be explicitly stated yet, you do not have to physically plant your character in Pandaria (and keep them there) for the next six days to participate in the expedition.

ICly, yes, your character will be in Pandaria and a part of the expedition. So it will be assumed and written into canon guild lore that your character was there for the entire five to six days with the others.

OOCly, however, once your role play activities have ended for a particular scene or moment, you are free to play your character for other game purposes and those actions are not considered “in character” or a part of the canon (or officially recorded history) of the expedition or guild story.

For example, let’s say you bring a character ICly (”in character”) on the expedition. However, you also have raid on Friday night that you need to attend on that character (Fridays are indeed raid nights for Coram Populo). Just because you raid in Draenor on Friday does NOT mean your character left Pandaria within the frame of the story arc. Thus, other characters on the expedition ICly and we as guild historians and story tellers OOCly will assume that your character was in Pandaria the entire time.

Role Play on the Expedition that is Outside Official Guild Event Times

Of course, anyone who has their character on the Pandaria expedition is free to role play their characters outside of the official guild event times and organized activities. If your character meets someone on the expedition that they really enjoy talking to, by all means, continue to talk even when the story tellers or dungeon masters leave for the evening or when the others log off and go to bed. If your character wants to walk into town during the morning before anyone else is awake, by all means, add that little scene to your character’s personal story.

Just because the event leader, story teller, or dungeon master is away does not mean that you cannot enjoy role play with other characters on the expedition, NPC’s that you encounter with your character, and other role players that may be in the area at the time.

Out of Character Recap of May 2015 Story Progression

Out of Character Recap of May 2015 Story Progression

Coram Populo Role Play Manual and Guide Published

Our guild’s role play manual and guide is published and publicly available. This guide contains all the information that you need to know about the new role play story arc in Coram Populo.

Coram Populo Role Play Manual and Guide

Azerothian Trade Federation Founded (Brief Timeline of Events)

  • Tarcanus finishes his meetings with all the merchants who will found the Azerothian Trade Federation with him.
  • The Azerothian Trade Federation is founded with a nod and a handshake over Pandaren noodles in a small inn located outside of Halfhill.
  • The federation will consist of many various businesses, investors and organizations, each able to run autonomously but all affiliated with one another.
  • The founding members of the federation are as different and varied as the places they come from and the lives they lead.

Azerothian Trade Federation Story Arc (RP Lead: Tarcanus Frostbourne)

This month’s “big picture” story design focused on several important things:

  • OOC explanations of what are new role play division looks like and how it will operate both in and out of character.
  • Guild recruitment and induction of new guild members into our larger guild community at large.
  • Creation of a guild manual that should serve to answer any questions guild members may have about our role play operations.
  • IC “character networking and introduction” meetings where players can get their characters involved in the guild story arc and officially meet major characters and role play officers.
  • Laying foundations of story arcs within the larger story arc, including seeing where player interest lies and deciding which stories to put on NPC autopilot and which stories to actively use character interactions to drive story development.
  • Networking characters among one another and organizing the first major stories for each business (for our official launch)

The Estate Story Arc (Tarcanus)

Tarcanus recruited a new scholar or two to assist in the remaining academic interests at the old headquarters of the Order of Celestial Dawn. Assignments and tasks will be delegated and distributed shortly.

The Adventurous Antiquarian Story Arc (Liseda)

This where significant interest was shown and where Liseda will be taking a large portion of the guild role players on the first expedition of the Adventurous Antiquarian beginning next week.

This arc will focus on combat role play and expedition members should read our role play manual and be familiar with our role play combat system.

Fairebreeze Investments Story Arc (Bellenessa)

Tarcanus referred several individuals to Bellenessa, who may need scouts and those who hide in the shadows to watch the various businesses and their proprietors to ensure that they are operating honest establishments. She may also require them to assist her on audit missions in the near future.

Spices and Delights Story Arc (Xiaojian)

Xiaojian is expecting to hear from several interested chefs who will learn new recipes from him in addition to assist him on several small “missions” to design and discover new flavors and textures from around the world.

The Artisan’s Alley (Adventius)

Adventius is awaiting three artisans in Grizzly Hills, where he will begin sending them on assignments and ordering certain items be crafted to meet client and customer demands for arms, armor, and weapons.

Member Business/Organization/Association Story Arcs (Guild Member Driven Stories)

A Proper Brew

Jaedan Snowdrift is off and running with his hole-in-the-wall tavern in Silvermoon City. Kadji assists him with the day-to-day operations and bartending while Daina frolics around and sings to customers while serving them their drinks.


Alordrostus has met Tarcanus and officially begun working for the Azerothian Trade Federation. Interested students should contact him OOCly through his Tumblr page so that they can further discuss what the training process will involve in addition to how his role play group will operate while protecting the various interests and players within the federation.

Klara’s Social Events

Klarabella has met with Tarcanus and will be designing in-character socials for the federation. These socials will also serve as OOC events designed for guild members to get to know one another in a very low pressure environment.

Daina and the Flower Shoppe

Daina has officially met Tarcanus at the flower shoppe that she works at, and it is heavily implied that they (and other members of the federation) will continue to interact well into the future.