Celestial Dawn: Season 3, Episode 1

Celestial Dawn: Season 3, Episode 1

The Path Forward

Tarcanus smiled, looking out over the soft blue waters and exhaling lightly.  The first year back in his old home since the war had been quite the odd mix of adventure, academia, danger and new beginnings.  His vision of an order based on the freedom and liberation of knowledge and information had come to fruition, even if those he once shared it with had long since departed.  Even when times were difficult or plans lay stagnant, at least there was hope.  After all the loss, after all the struggles to rebuild, that was all he could ask for.

Of course, the time to seize upon the opportunity to build upon what they had created was now.  With bolstered ranks and a renewed energy among them, the Order of Celestial Dawn and its members could once again driving forward down the path towards their goals and intents.

Let us strike while the iron is hot, or so they say…

Even if his former counterparts were destined never to return, their plans still lay in plain sight.  The priestess, the fallen, and the librarian.  Each had once spoken of their desire to explore knowledge in three fields that were of immeasurable interest to them.  Each had visions within visions, goals within goals.  Although Tindomiel and Verithari were no longer there to speak for themselves in their persons, their presence forever remained.

It was upon these directives and previously stated objectives that Tarcanus would build the future of Celestial Dawn.  Even if he lacked the knowledge to personally pursue each and every end, there were others around him who could.  That, in its very essence, is what made them unique.  One who channeled the Light could reveal something about it beyond what could be written or read from a tome or book.  One who felt the energy of the earth and creatures around it could describe it in ways that others could not even imagine.  Individually, while strong in their own ways, they could not understand things in a manner that others could.  Their vision would forever be limited by their personal experiences, skills, abilities and knowledge.  That was the universal condition, at least in the lives that they had been given.

Together, however, universal perspectives on everything became clearer.  Like a giant puzzle of life that was shrouded in darkness, each contribution and perspective revealed a new piece.  Each new viewpoint added something that was not there before.  Each new vision illuminated something that was once hidden.  Together, through diversity, they would find strength.

The time has come.  We are ready to begin.

Tarcanus leaned forward slightly, dismounting and finding a flat space in the grass before him.  Slowly drawing his quill, some parchment and an inkwell from within the brown satchel at his side, he sat down and began to write.  Each directive, each missive to his order and its members, and every word would have meaning.  New ventures, even those that he did not participate in or have a hand in, would mean something important.  Even if those around him did not see it at first, he could.

Art, Archaeology, Artifacts, and Artisans

Those who are are drawn to fine art or who are interested in discovering the original motivations of an artists to create specific pieces are invited to join us in a search to catalogue various paintings, sculptures, buildings and impressions throughout Azeroth.  Please note that all is required is an open ear and interest in learning about art as a medium and expression in addition to the history behind it.  You will probably learn a bit about yourself along the way as well!  Seasoned art history scholars and researchers are also invited as there will opportunities to examine art located in exotic regions of the world and other places that are not normally accessible via academic means.  If you are interested, please visit myself or Prelate Blackcrest at the estate.

Old Roots and Older Friendships

The time to reestablish old connections in Dalaran has come.  With the arrest and detainment of Garrosh Hellscream, the tentative peace between our divided kinship factions, and our need for access to a large wealth of knowledge, Celestial Dawn must reach out or find other means to access the libraries of the Kirin Tor.  While this will not be an easy task, those who wish to pursue it should contact myself or Prelate Blackcrest at the estate.  This shall be a volunteer assignment, and there are potential risks that include detainment, violence, and political quarrels.

Death, Departure and the Science of the Scourge

With the continued reestablishment of certain past objectives for Celestial Dawn in the Plaguelands, we must gain more information concerning the remnants of Scourge energies in the area and their current scientific effect on those are are living, those who are deceased, and everything in between.  Of course, since we have strict standards for scientific experimentation, only live tissue samples are to be used during this study, and not any sentient individual, volunteer or not.  Please note that this assignment is also voluntary, and that individuals assigned to this field of study will need to be detailed on our ethics policies by Prelate Blackcrest or myself.  While we foresee no potential risks of injury or danger, this experiment may be culturally difficult or personally trying for certain individuals.


After he had finished, Tarcanus nodded to himself and placed the quill at his side.  Staring off into the receding blue hues that dotted the distant ripples of the water, he smiled.  The time to move beyond simple classes and teaching had come.  It was time for more than just the public forums and debates.  Academia, their end goals – the foundations had been laid.  It was now time to act.