Community Standards and Personal Conduct

Community Standards and Personal Conduct

Please note that our community standards and personal conduct policies are in effect at all times.

This means that regardless of the situation or circumstance, you are ALWAYS responsible for what you say and do while being a member of this guild.

In addition, there are some points of clarification that should be kept in mind at all times.

Guild Chat

Guild chat in Coram Populo is considered out of character.  However, guild chat should always be kept to relevant World of Warcraft, role play, and guild-related topics.

Chatter about non-game activities and things that are not relevant to our guild activities should be kept to private messages and other chat channels.

As per our usual conduct policy, foul language, slurs, harassment, insults, hate speech, material of a sexual nature and other detrimental communication is forbidden in guild chat and any guild-hosted channel or means of communication at all times.

Excessively using multiple lines of chat in guild chat or spam macros is forbidden at all times.  Self-promotion of social media pages and sites is forbidden.  We have a master list of social media information listed on our guild Tumblr.  Please mail one of us your URL to be added to our list.

Of course, anything against the Terms of Use for World of Warcraft is also forbidden.

Public Chat Channels and Representation of Coram Populo

Whenever you are in public chat channels or publicly visible to other players in game, you are a representative of this guild and its other members.  Thus, you should always present yourself in a mature, polite, and professional manner.

Our reputation as a friendly, welcoming, and respectful guild is a point of pride for Coram Populo.  We should always strive to keep it that way.

Harassment, Trolling, and Disrespectful Behavior

Disrupting the role play activities of other players on the server, harassing players in any group or in the world environment at large, or being disrespectful to those around you is strictly forbidden.

Please remember that jokes and humor that you may find funny may not be to those around you.  Unwelcomed advances in role play or out of character shall be considered harassment.

Remember that the most important aspect of respect is treating those around you how THEY want to be treated, not how YOU want to treat them.