Coram, Legion and Beyond!

Coram, Legion and Beyond!

With the announcement of the next expansion in World of Warcraft and the excitement over new content and things to do, all of us at Coram Populo have eagerly begun a new planning phase for the guild as we push forward towards the end of Warlords of Draenor and prepare for the next big step in this game we all love.

Although may of us have been around for five, six, or even ten years, World of Warcraft never ceases to entertain, invigorate, and enrich our lives. We hope that the next expansion will do just the same and we have plenty of things in the works to ensure that our own little community will be stronger than ever.

Here is a small preview of areas within the guild that we will be discussing in the third and fourth quarters of 2015:

PvE, Raiding, Challenge Modes, Training

Marshal Tellaria Evensong has masterfully led our raid team and PvE Department through the transition from being a 10-Normal team during the past four expansions to a fluid, flexible Normal mode team in Warlords of Draenor. With the use of OpenRaid and other recruitment tools, Tellaria and the PvE Team have constructed an amazing system that allows us to progress in raids while also training, educating, and recruiting new players to our guild.

As we move forward, we will be discussing many topics with regards to PvE within Coram Populo. Some of these include:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Player Development and Education
  3. Personal Improvement and Tutoring
  4. Individual and Group Educational Seminars and Workshops
  5. Personalized Guides and Write-Ups
  6. Using Metrics and Outside Tools to Analyze Raids, Raid Team Members, and Overall Progress Towards Raid Team Goals
  7. Using “Human” Resources and Capital to Further Team and Guild Goals
  8. Successfully Dividing Resources and Time to be at Peak Efficiency and Performance in Key Areas

Role Play

The Azerothian Trade Federation has become the framework for the IC interactions, events, writing, and role play within Coram Populo. Many of the connections, relationships, and founding businesses have been set in motion and are now a part of our official guild story.

As we move forward, we will continue to utilize this role play story arc as a fundamental part of our role play and creative writing community with the guild.

We will also focus on several key areas to promote role play and role players within Coram Populo. Some topics to discuss include:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Balancing Time In-Game Role Playing with Time on Social Media and Blogging for Characters
  3. Dedicated Guild Role Play Events
  4. Casual Social Events and Tavern Crawl Evenings
  5. Networking in Healthy, Positive Ways within the Role Play Community
  6. OOC Education: Tarc’s Teachings vs. The Daily Grind and Alternates
  7. Promoting and Stimulating Self-Growth and Interaction Among Guild Members
  8. Promoting “Self-Contained Stories” Among Guild Members and Businesses
  9. Creating a Strong “Azerothian Trade Federation” Brand and Identity


While being a wonderful community in World of Warcraft has been a blessing in itself, we also wish to create a meaningful bond between guild members on many different levels.

Changes to promote this that have already been enacted include:

  1. Recruitment via OOC Voice Interviews to Increase Retention and “Ownership” of One’s Membership
  2. Social Events and Outside Websites, Resources, and Social Media Connections

We will continue to devise new ways to connect our membership base as one unit while allowing people to develop interpersonal relationships with one another that flourish and last for a very long time.


Although the release of Legion is quite far away, all of us believe that our community and guild should always be prepared to change, adapt, and promote good things within our ranks. Therefore, as we progress through our planning and development phases and continue to move along in Warlords of Draenor, we hope that the horizon is just as bright as the past we have all been a part of throughout the years.

Suggestions and Ideas

If you have an idea to better the guild (or wish to see something new implemented into our guild structure in the future), please do not hesitate to tell us what is on your mind! No idea is too small and no suggestion is too silly. In fact, we welcome anything that you might wish to throw out there to make Coram Populo the best place it can be.

You can always reach us at our guild email address at:

You can also send us an “ask” on our Tumblr page: