Coram Populo and Legion: August 2016 and Beyond

Coram Populo and Legion: August 2016 and Beyond

In Brief

Coram Populo, a Horde guild located on Wyrmrest Accord (US), is actively recruiting new members.

Seven Years a Journey

Coram Populo has evolved significantly over the past seven years. Many of our members have graduated high school or college, started careers in a variety of fields in the workforce, traveled the world, settled down and begun a life filled with marriage and parenting, or retired and begun a new adventure outside of their employed working years.

Diversity and a well-rounded lifestyle (both in and out of game) have always been the driving force behind what we do as a guild. We strive to recruit individuals who are motivated to succeed in all areas of their lives. Many of our members love the challenge of balancing college courses, career paths, home life, parenting demands, and their performance in various in-game activities such as raiding or mythic dungeons. While our goals in-game are important to us, so are the interactions we have outside of them.

This is also true of the interactions we have together outside of the game.

As we move forward towards new goals and experiences, we hope to welcome many of you into our community.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to speak with you shortly.

– Tarcanus Frostbourne

Guild Leader

Coram Populo

Mission Statement – Legion and Beyond

At Coram Populo, we hope to recruit self-motivated, hard working guild members who are driven to succeed not only as individuals but as members of a thriving community as well.

We also wish to recruit people who are well-balanced and lead healthy, productive lifestyles outside of the game.

Those who have a passion for successfully tackling new goals (and doing so in a manner that also assists the team as a whole) in ways that bring forth the best in those around them are exactly who we are looking for at Coram Populo.

A View of Our Membership

Coram Populo has a very diverse membership roster. We have members who live in nearly every corner of the world and throughout the United States. Some have lived through the Rat Pack Era and others were born nearly at the turn of the Millennium.

From college students, women’s rights activists, and members of the LGBT community to artists, writers, educators, airline pilots, and members of the military and government employees, Coram Populo is a welcome place for all respectful, motivated, and community-oriented people.

Basic Recruitment Information

Player interviews are required and should be scheduled through our guild Discord server.

Discord Server Instant Invite Link:

You can also email us at the email address listed at the end of this post.

Raid Team Information

Leader: Tehrass

Our guild team currently raids during the following days and times:

Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Server Time (Pacific Standard Time)

Friday, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Server Time (Pacific Standard Time)

Please see our guild website for all the latest information on our guild and its raid team policies, roster and rules!

Please note that you will need to sign up for an OpenRaid account as well. OpenRaid is used for Coram Populo raid team roster management and raid signups each week.

OpenRaid Link:

Coram Populo OpenRaid Page:

Raid Team Overview

By the end of Legion, we hope to clear all current content on heroic difficulty with our raid team.

Mythic progression is also possible, depending on interest and personnel available to us at the time.

At the very beginning of the expansion, we will need to start on normal difficulty depending on how quickly people level to 110 and begin gearing.

We currently have a very solid core group of raiders and are looking to fill out remaining needs with new guild members.

We are also looking for natural leaders (who can also buy into the directions of our raid leader and PvE Department Head) to lead 5-player dungeons on various nights of the week so that the gearing process for everyone is much more efficient, uniform, and fun.

Proficiency in uploading and analyzing logs or becoming an alternate raid leader (in the event of emergency situations) are also excellent qualities to possess when applying to the guild.

Going the extra mile to assist with crafting, guild supplies, and other miscellaneous facets of day-to-day guild activities is never frowned upon, although this is not required (in most circumstances) either.

The Raider We Are Looking For

As stated throughout this post, we are definitely looking for “self starters” and those who can motivate themselves to become better raiders both individually and as a group. People who truly understand the game, the most efficient ways to gear and farm materials, and how to better themselves and those around them are excellent candidates for raid team membership.

We are also looking for raiders who can actively participate in activities to support and bolster team strength and unity. People who are actively suggesting new ideas on Discord, theory-crafting, or analyzing statistics and numbers are valuable assets to any raid team.

Of course, we also are looking for people who are consistently respectful during raids (suggesting ideas and providing feedback at raid leader discretion is welcomed) and have an excellent feel for when it is appropriate or necessary to speak up in voice or text before, during, and after raids themselves.

Knowing the line between vocalizing things appropriately and inappropriately is not always easy, but definitely necessary.

We are always open to assisting members both with gear and in learning to be better, provided that they are motivated to do so. We hope that our future members take the same approach.

Raid Team History

Warlords of Draenor

HFC: 8/13 (Heroic)

Mists of Pandaria

SOO: 14/14 (10-Man Normal)

Wrath of the Lich King

ICC: 11/12 (10-Man Normal)

Role Play Server

Please note that Wyrmrest Accord (US) is a role play server and many of you will encounter role players in major cities and common areas of the game. These players, people, and areas are to always be respected. Our members should observe common courtesy when using /say, /emote, /yell and other commands in major cities, public spaces, and commonly-used role play areas in-game.

Raid Signups

OpenRaid (Requires an Account)

Raid Rankings and Progression Data


Raid Logs and Historical Fight Data

Warcraft Logs


Website, Discord, and Other Contact Information

Guild Website:

Guild Email Address:

Raid Leader Email:

Raid Leader Battletag: Tehrass#1655

Discord Server:

In-Game Contact Information

Guild Leader: Tarcanus Frostbourne

Marshals: Tehrass

Commanders: Vyctor, Belorien