Coram Populo Defeats Garrosh Hellscream (14/14 Normal)!

Coram Populo Defeats Garrosh Hellscream (14/14 Normal)!

Coram Populo Garrosh Kill

I have always said that leading this guild and bringing together all of you amazing people is an honor and privilege that I will cherish for the rest of my days in Azeroth and beyond. While leading such a large guild is not always a simple task, it is something that has afforded me with opportunities to care about more people from around the world than I would have ever imagined possible.

I was late to the MMORPG scene. I was late to the online gaming scene. I grew up in a small town in Northern California when high-speed Internet was more of a myth than anything else. Single-player games had always interested me, but never anything on such a large scale. In many ways, I did not know what to expect when I first decided to try World of Warcraft. I definitely did not realize just how many different and unique experiences it would bring me.

Our guild and our raid team have always been about the people contained with them. Luckily, we have been blessed with amazing people in both.

Last night, as we finally made it past the finish line and defeated Garrosh in Siege of Orgrimmar, I could not help but think about the journey and road that led us to that point. Although our path was somewhat slower than many serious progression guilds or professional raid teams out there, it is something that brought us closer together and pushed us beyond our personal limits as players in so many different ways. Many on the team who had started on this content nearly a year ago persisted and persevered through all the long nights and weeks of grinding out the same bosses over and over until we finally arrived at the pinnacle of our cohesion as a group. Some of us changed roles and specs and even classes in order to facilitate the team’s needs over their own wants and desires. Often times, we passed gear to other people so that the performance of the team could be improved as a whole.

In the end, we managed to complete the task at hand while maintaining and delivering a message that we have always believed in here at Coram Populo

Our people are first and foremost.

I know many raid teams (and even guilds) would have fallen apart after attempting to progress on something for ten months straight. I know many individuals would have become frustrated and left other raid teams or groups. But our core showed solidarity, even in the tough times. For that, I will never be able to thank them enough.


With tanking, it is often said that the more we do not notice anything about it and the more we tend to forget that they are there doing their thing, the greater they are performing. It is often a very thankless role and one that is greatly underappreciated. As a raid leader, I never once had to worry about tank swaps or threat or damage mitigation, and knowing that they would always learn their roles and fights seamlessly or without any direction from myself was simply incredible.

Talandriel Sunchaser

Talandriel has been my right-hand woman for many months now and I continually refer to her as “Superwoman” because of all the things that she has done and continues to do both in-game and in real life. She is always the ear that I can fall back on, even when it seems like there is no perfect solution to issues that come up during the course of progression. Often times, she is also my conscience and gives a voice to ideas, things or people that I cannot.

In addition to all of this, she tanks with such speed and efficiency that it is extremely difficult to quantify or explain. I often do not get the opportunity to sit back and specifically observe the tanks during the course of various encounters, but when I have it is nothing short of amazing to see her in action.

Jaedan Snowdrift

Jaedan is our Pandaren comic relief and has helped boost morale since the very beginning. He was also willing to switch classes and specs and gear up (including attaining another legendary cloak) so that we could continue raiding with our current composition. Always eager to swap voice memos and contribute on the guild forums and other platforms, the guild would not be the same without him.

Asking someone to come in and tank up to and through Garrosh after affording him only a limited time to gear that characters would have made many people shy away or have doubt. But Jaedan stepped right to the forefront and carried us (along with all the adds on the Garrosh fight) to the steps of victory.


Healing is also often a very thankless role, and at its best, it is also goes largely unnoticed. When we made the decision to two-heal most encounters, it placed a lot of sudden pressure and surprise on our raid team’s healers. However, they managed to come through with flying colors, even when our group was still learning raid movement and directional mechanics.

Rhaelia Daybreak

Rhae Rhae, you did it. You came through and you proved that you can be amazing at whatever you put your mind to in life. I know it was not always easy for you grinding out raids knowing that you had to be up for work four hours after we finished for the evening. I know at times you pounded your head (and Diet Cokes) trying to see it through to the end. You changed styles, talents, glyphs, and whatever we needed you to do. But you did it. You should be proud.  Don’t ever forget that.

Jadoth Bloodsworn

Jadoth has always been our Cuddle Cannoneer and pocket healer extraordinaire, and you never really know how much the team misses someone’s abilities until he has to be gone for a week in June. Always reading up on the latest strategies and pushing himself to the maximum possible performance, Jadoth has never faltered in being on point with whatever is going on during raids and encounters. Exceptional healing. Exceptional cuddles.


Tellaria Evensong

Tellaria is the epitome of “PvE” and our “master theorycrafter” and educational specialist. Not only did he learn a completely new class and spec at the beginning of this journey, but by the end he managed to become an ace at it as well. Not only did he offer to help the guild raid team with advice, he took people under his wing and gave “one on one” counseling to anyone who asked for it. Not only did he provide feedback and assistance to me during the week, he crafted a strategy on the Paragons encounter that took us step by step to victory within our first hour of seeing it. Again, often it is the things that go unnoticed and unseen that are most important. Tellaria’s importance goes infinitely deeper than his amazing numbers.

Lyrinel Morningflame

Mama, we made it! To the “guild mother” of Coram Populo and someone who I have laughed and cried with many times, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to push yourself into a role that you had never experienced prior to this year. I know that you had to learn to do things that you were not accustomed to doing in a very short time. I know you were forced out of your comfort level with playstyles and environments that were new to you. I know you kept with us, even when you had so many other things going on in life that would have brought down anyone who was not you. But you did it. You did it.

Crowly Dawnsinger

Crowly had one of the most difficult jobs being constantly in melee range and still having to jump on mines and use smoke bombs to clear the way for our other DPS and movement paths while still maintaining incredible numbers. Amazingly, he did all of those things quite well each and every time that we raided. His feedback on Garrosh was instrumental in allowing us to pass the second and third phases, and he was more than willing to spend the time to talk about that on Skype with me whenever we each had time.

Bibianna De’Luca

Bibianna performed all the tasks that go unnoticed throughout the course of a raid that would otherwise wipe us as a group. Whether it was the conveyor belt on Siegecrafter or the engineer on Garrosh, Bibi was never shy to volunteer to do all the pesky but necessary things in order to defeat an encounter. What is more impressive, however, is Bibi’s friendly demeanor and willingness to help out in any way possible. Always respectful and polite, he encompasses everyone that I could ask for in a raid team member.

Dreddge OrgeCrusher

Our newest addition to the team, Dreddge provided the final key to the puzzle as we were able to push our DPS to the point where we could get past the many phases of Garrosh and defeat the encounter at long last. His ability to quickly learn and adapt to our strategies and continue to DPS was nothing short of impressive. We hope to keep him along for Mythic mode and beyond during Warlords of Draenor.

Again, I cannot thank everyone enough for sticking with it and allowing us to conquer the Siege of Orgrimmar at long last. You have forever cemented yourselves into the history of Coram Populo and will always remain a special part of what we have done here. Enjoy your achievement and accomplishment. You have all earned it.