Coram Populo Discord

Coram Populo Discord

Coram Populo has officially begun its move to Discord.

Discord is a text, voice, and communications platform that will replace our guild forums, Ventrilo server, and Skype channels/conversations.

Discord will work on your mobile device and web browser. Discord will also work as a desktop app run right on your computer (PC or Mac).

For more information and to start using Discord, please visit:

To join the Coram Populo Discord server, please whisper an officer for an invite link. You can also contact us via email for an invite link or send us the email address you use to sign up for Discord so that we can invite you to join the server.


Moving Forward

Although vBulletin, Ventrilo, and Skype have served Coram Populo well over the years, we must constantly analyze our current situation (and the technology available to us) and make decisions to move forward as needed or warranted.

Guild forums, message boards, and Internet forums in general have served role play guilds very well over the past eleven years. However, instant posting, the advent and rise of blogging and social media platforms, and the ability to have real-time feedback and communications has made vBulletin and other forum software largely obsolete for the purposes of running a guild or creative writing forum in World of Warcraft.

Ventrilo has also been a useful tool over the past decade. However, the need for instant, smooth, coherent, and clear communications is becoming more and more of a necessity (and expectation) in the gaming world.

Skype is a program that runs heavy at times and there are also security and data concerns when it comes to one’s personal information. It is also a program that needs to be updated constantly and does not always work well with mobile devices (or when synced between multiple mobile devices and computers). There is also the potential for ads and videos to show up when using the program that slow down the resources our computers need to get the most out of our gaming experiences.

In addition, all of the programs mentioned above cost a staggering amount of money to purchase, update, and license. vBulletin 4.0 cost nearly $400 when puchased four years ago. Our Ventrilo server costs over $100 a year to maintain. Skype is technically free. However, when used as we do for business and other purposes, it also costs money each year to maintain.

Thus, the Age of Discord is upon us. Although Discord is relatively new, it is a very light program that runs on your web browser, mobile device, and as a desktop app on your computer. There is room on a Discord server for both text channels and voice channels. There are private channels and secure channels as well. Discord does not have the same security risks as Skype. Therefore, it is our solution for the future.

Guild Forums Shutdown

Our guild forums will be shut down within the next five days (5/25/16). All old forum information, including posts, member and user data, private messages, blogs, articles, and all other data will be permanently deleted once the forums are shut down. There will be no way to recover this data once it is deleted, so please archive and save anything that you wish to keep before this time.

Guild Ventrilo Shutdown

Our guild ventrilo server will be shut down within the next five days as well (5/25/16). Login information, passwords, and user data will be deleted as soon as the server is shut down. There will be no way to recover this data once it is deleted, so please archive and save anything that you wish to keep before this time.

Guild Skype Channels and Conversations

All guild Skype channels will become largely inactive within the next month or so. People are welcome to continue to communicate with one another via Skype. However, all official guild communications, news, and information will be presented in our Discord server chat channels. Many of our members will discontinue the use of Skype as a communications platform and relay at this point in time, so please do not expect a response via Skype from any of our officers, guild members, or guild leader.

Thank You

Thank you for your attention in this matter and we hope to see all of you on our Discord server sometime soon.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them in the appropriate chat channel on our Discord server.

You may also email us at: