Coram Populo Guild Meeting Notes: 4/12/2015

Coram Populo Guild Meeting Notes: 4/12/2015

Coram Populo: The Next Chapter

As Coram Populo approaches its sixth birthday, we could not be more excited about how much we have planned for the coming summer and remainder of 2015. I can hardly believe that many of us have been playing together for so very many years now, but this journey has meant just as much to me as the end goals that we have achieved during the course of Coram’s existence. Although I could have never anticipated that a video game could be the bedrock for such an amazing community, I am proud to call all of you my friends, comrades, teammates, and guildies.

I hope that by joining us in our upcoming PvE, role play, and social activities, you will find the same excitement, energy, pride, and sense of community that I have over the past six years. We have many new and exciting activities planned for the guild and its members, including social events, role play story arcs, and continued advances in our progression raiding and PvE endeavors.

Please know, that above all else, we are all people with diverse, unique lives who each have a story to tell.

A guild is only as strong as the members within it, and I believe that the best of all of us is yet to come.

Coram Populo: Mission Statement

During the course of your time in Coram Populo, you will encounter people from all over the world and all walks of life. We have been a safe haven and open community for an infinitely diverse group of individuals and characters over the course of the past six years, and this type of culture is something that we are extremely proud to exemplify no matter what other goals we are pursuing at the time.

As such, our personal conduct policies and guild rules are crafted so that these tenants and principles are the framework and grounding for our guild.

While each of you has already reviewed our personal conduct policies and guild rules before joining the guild, please continue to review them from time to time and remind yourself of what it means to be a member of Coram Populo. Even our actions while outside the guild or outside the game affect everyone and everything within Coram Populo, and we should own them as such no matter what the circumstances or situations we find ourselves in as we move forward.

Coram Populo Guild Structure and Organization

Guild Officers

Tarcanus Frostbourne – Guild Leader

Talandriel Sunchaser – Guild Marshal

Tellaria Evensong – Guild Marshal, PvE Leader

Jaedan Snowdrift – Commander, PvE Team

Belorien Firespark – Commander, PvE Team, Chief of Recruitment

Klarabella Lightblade – Lieutenant, Social Events Coordinator

Guild Structure

Coram Populo is divided into several divisions, each supervised and run by different officers within the guild. Each division leader is given the autonomy and authority to run their division as they see fit, and the guild leader and guild marshals will rarely ever intervene or interject into division-specific matters and affairs.

Housekeeping Notes and Announcements

Guild Website and Forums Migration

Our current web host is shutting down operations shortly, and therefore we will be migrating our guild website and forums to a new provider this month. During the time when this process occurs, the guild website and forums may not operate properly. Attempting to access “” or any of its sub-domains may result in DNS errors or failed lookups from your browser as well. We hope that the entire migration will only take 48-72 hours. However, we do wish to make sure that all of our members knew of potential issues with the guild website beforehand.


You can always find our Ventrilo information located in the “guild information” tab of the in-game guild menu. Ventrilo is open for all guild member use (including social events and to simply chat and get to know your fellow guild members). However, please remember that our personal conducts policies and guild rules still apply to out-of-game communications and interactions in both public and private forums/spaces. Please also be respectful of guild events that may be occurring in other channels of our vent server, such as raids, dungeon groups, role play events, lore workshops, or guild officer meetings and guild interviews.


You can also join our Skype conversation for raiding if you are a member of the raid team. For more information, please contact Marshal Tellaria Evensong. This Skype channel allows us to quickly and efficiently keep in constant contact with one another throughout the day. If you are uncomfortable using your real life Skype information or account, you can always create a Skype account for your in-game activities/persona as well. Many of us use two Skype accounts in order to separate game activities and conversations with real life activities and conversations.

Guild Email Address

The official email address for Coram Populo is: This is the preferred way to get in contact with the guild leader and for all official guild matters.

Please note that this is a private email inbox that only the guild leader has access to and emails will remain confidential and anonymous upon request.

Other Methods of Communication

Other forms of communication such as contacting an officer through individual Tumblr or Twitter accounts, our YouTube channels, podcast emails, or even in-game mail may result in slower response times. It is much easier to miss messages on social media platforms than it is at our official email address.

The one exception to this is our guild tumblr, located at: This Tumblr is set up to field asks and messages from guild members and the community at large.

Social Media, Forums, and Out-of-Game Media

Guild Tumblr Account

Our official guild Tumblr is:

This is where we reblog anything and everything related to the guild and our individual members. If you would like your in-character inspirational Tumblr added to the links page of this Tumblr, please email the guild email address or contact Tarcanus or Talandriel at the methods listed above. Please note that all Tumblr accounts or pages listed should follow our personal conduct policies and guild rules even though they are out-of-game. Please also note that this list is for “in-character” Tumblr accounts and pages only.

“In Character” Inspirational Tumblr Accounts

Role players are highly encouraged to use Tumblr as an inspirational blogging platform for their characters, stories, and creative writing. If you need help creating a Tumblr account, please let one of us know and we can help you as best we can.

Please also note the following links for Tumblr accounts to follow (once you create your own Tumblr account or if you already have an existing Tumblr account) in order to keep up with the latest “in character” happenings and major news for the upcoming guild story arc:

YouTube Videos

Videos of previous raids and role play events can be found on Tarcanus Frostbourne’s YouTube Channel at:

Beginning with our new role play story arc and community outreach program, more role play videos will be posted to YouTube. There are also role playing guides on Tarcanus’ channel that will help new role players learn the ins and outs of role play and creative writing as a whole. In addition, guides to the official guild story and role play will be posted there as they are made ready for publication.

PvE Division

PvE Leader: Tellaria Evensong

  • State of the Raid Team
  • Current Needs and Roles
  • New Raid Recruits
  • Team Information
  • Individual Accountability
  • Individual Training
  • Warcraft Logs
  • MrRobot Logs and Fight Reviews
  • Skype Channel

Role Play Information

New Story Arc

Coram Populo will soon launch the next major story arc for the guild. This story arc will be in cooperation with multiple guilds and role play communities from around the server and also encompass players from the LFRP Podcast and Tarcanus Frostbourne’s YouTube channel.

Further details will be distributed over the coming weeks, with a meeting for all those interested hosted sometime next weekend. Anyone from Coram Populo is welcome to take part in this exciting new line and story.

There are several things players should keep in mind about this role play arc:

  1. This line will be family-friendly.
  2. There will not be excessive gore or violence. *This does not mean that there cannot be combat or writing about violence, injury, war, or fighting. Obviously, Azeroth is a violent universe with lots of warfare and tragedy. What this statement simply means is that we do not want excessively long posts of continuous, graphic detail of violence committed against someone as part of the role play OR gratuitous violence for no intended, story-driven purpose written over and over.
  3. There will not be sexual themes contained within this story line. *People are free to pursue whatever types of role play they want in their private role play experiences. However, this type of role play is not something we will be focused on within this story and should be kept between private, consenting, adult parties.
  4. This arc will be free-form and open-ended.
  5. There will be no “strictly enforced” time commitments or “hard” deadlines.
  6. There will be role players of ALL experience levels.
  7. There will be room for many different character archetypes, backgrounds, personalities, and players.
  8. Be aware of other player’s personal schedule, time, and other factors! No pressure and no overburdened commitments.

The role play arc will be modeled in the following ways:

  1. Weekly quests and story progression that is open to anyone involved.
  2. Larger stories will develop from smaller stories.
  3. Many types of activities and organized expeditions to be had.

It is also important to note that activities may be filmed and used in YouTube videos, Photoshop projects, and other types of montages, advertisements and media that will be distributed publicly and made available through various social media and platforms. If you do not wish to have your character or interactions filmed or shown, please let us know in advance.

Social Division

Weekly IC and OOC Social Events

Klarabella Lightblade is an amazing Social Events Coordinator who will be hosting many social events over the coming months. Some of these will be integrated with other guild events and our overarching guild story as well.

Using Vent and Guild Chat Openly and Wisely

Guild chat and vent are there for a reasons – to talk and socialize and get to know your fellow guildie! Please feel free to shoot the breeze and help your fellow friends and comrades out not just with the game, but with their desire to feel connect and close to all of you as well. A guild and community is only as good as the connections we build within them.

So any banter that is family-friendly and positively uplifts the people around you is always more than welcome.

Ventrilo is always open for social events and casual talk as well as official guild functions. We pay for it each year so that we can use it as much as possible. Let’s make that happen!


Open Recruitment – Take Charge and Take Hold!

We are now openly recruiting role players, raiders, and social members.

In fact, we would like to take this opportunity to allow each one of you to extend invitations to any amazing people you find out there to our humble home. Although recruitment has been largely a “top down” approach in the past, allowing our current members to refer potential new recruits to officers for recruitment and potential invitation to the guild is something we feel we benefit us and the community at large.

So feel encouraged, empowered, and inspired to bring all the currently unguilded friends and associates you meet on the server to come to us as potential new members.

Recruitment is a large task. But together, we can conquer anything. Please whisper or contact Belorian Firespark or Tarcanus Frostbourne for more information.

Marshal’s Reports

Talandriel and Tellaria

Officer Reports

Jaedan, Belorian, Klarabella