Coram Populo Guild Meeting Notes: 6/2/2015

Coram Populo Guild Meeting Notes: 6/2/2015

Thank you to all who could attend our guild meeting last night. It was quite productive and we am happy to hear that all of you are having a great start to summer. If you could not attend the meeting, here are some quick notes on the important information and announcements that were made.

General Information

Summer Travels and Schedules

Many guild members and officers have been on vacation in June. Most of us have returned and are back in game and on our various social media sites and forums.

If you are traveling this summer, please stay safe and enjoy your time!


Please remember to say “hello” to our new guild members.

Also, if someone is interested in joining the guild, please refer them to our guild website. New applicants should review our personal conduct policies and guild rules before sending an email to our official guild email address ( requesting an interview with Tarcanus. Interviews are conducted on Saturday afternoons using voice chat and are OOC interviews (IC interviews are not required).

In brief: Guild Website Review –> Guild Email Sent –> OOC Voice Interview Required

Role Play


The Pandaria expedition went very well, with much combat role play, socialization, and character development to be had.

The Uldum expedition and other combat role play experiences will continue to be planned throughout the next month.

Please contact Tarcanus or Liseda if you are interested in attending future expeditions.

Tavern Crawl Evenings

In addition, a tavern role play evening event is in the works.

Please contact Jaedan Snowdrift or meet someone ICly involved with “A Proper Brew” for more information.


Everyone who wishes to raid should sign up for an OpenRaid account. This is how all current and future raid rosters will be posted and where all raid night signups will take place.

If you are interested in raiding with Coram Populo, please contact Tellaria Evensong at:

Remember, the raid team and PvE activities may have additional requirements of guild members. In addition, consistency and dedication to the raid team and individual improvement as a PvE player is paramount.


PvP is still a largely casual activity within the guild. However, there are normally several guild members throughout the day who venture into Ashran or run arenas together. Please check guild chat for more information or to see if anyone is interested in participating in PvP activities with you.

Social Events

There will be a social event held in honor of the Midsummer Fire Festival.

There will also be a social event held for the upcoming Darkmoon Faire.

Please contact Klarabella Lightblade for more information and please check the guild calendar for exact days and times.