Coram Populo Guild Meeting Notes: 8/1/2015

Coram Populo Guild Meeting Notes: 8/1/2015

Thank you to all who could attend our guild meeting last weekend. It was quite productive and we am happy to hear that all of you are having a great summer. If you could not attend the meeting, here are some quick notes on the important information and announcements that were made.

General Information

Tarc on Vacation

Tarcanus will be on vacation from Friday, August 7, 2015 until Saturday, August 15, 2015.

Talandriel Sunchaser and Tellaria Evensong have full administrative authority over guild matters while Tarcanus is away.

In addition, Kadji/Jaedan, Belorien, and Klarabella may also answer questions and field requests that guild members may have.

Tarcanus will have access to the guild email inbox and his personal Twitter account while away. Please utilize these methods of communication in case of emergency.


Please remember to say “hello” to our new guild members. We will most likely have several new guild members in the near future.

Also, if someone is interested in joining the guild, please refer them to our guild website. New applicants should review our personal conduct policies and guild rules before sending an email to our official guild email address ( requesting an interview with Tarcanus. Interviews are conducted on weekend afternoons using voice chat and are OOC interviews (IC interviews are not required).

In brief: Guild Website Review –> Guild Email Sent –> OOC Voice Interview Required

Role Play

Tavern Crawl Evenings

Tavern crawl evenings are planned for Thursdays in August as Kadji/Jaedan has time to run them. These events will take place in-game at a location used as a “stage” for A Proper Brew, the tavern in Silvermoon City owned and operated ICly by Jaedan Snowdrift (with the assistance of Kadji and Daina Dawnblossom).

Please contact Kadji or Jaedan Snowdrift for more information. Events will be posted to the in-game guild calendar. Additional details can also be found on our guild website.


Everyone who wishes to raid should sign up for an OpenRaid account. This is how all current and future raid rosters will be posted and where all raid night signups will take place.

If you are interested in raiding with Coram Populo, please contact Tellaria Evensong at:

Remember, the raid team and PvE activities may have additional requirements of guild members. In addition, consistency and dedication to the raid team and individual improvement as a PvE player is paramount.


PvP is still a largely casual activity within the guild. If you are interested in pursuing PvP activities, please say so in guild chat. There are always people looking to have fun in Ashran or random battlegrounds. You may even find a potential arena buddy!

Social Events

Please contact Klarabella Lightblade for more information and please check the guild calendar for exact days and times.