Coram Populo Monthly: March 2014

Coram Populo Monthly: March 2014

My apologies that there is no audio podcast this month!  Time has flown by and things are only getting busier as Spring rapidly approaches.

If you are interested in joining Coram Populo, engaging us in various role play lines and stories, participating in our raid teams, or have a general interest in role play or World of Warcraft, please see all of our latest information below and check out our guild website at:

General Guild Announcements

Guild Leader Notes and Information

I (Tarcanus Frostbourne) will be out of the office for nearly the entire month, as major work and other business travel necessities have presented themselves over the course of the past few weeks.

The following command structure will be in place during my absence:

OOC/IRL (All things Coram Populo)

IC (All things Celestial Dawn)

  • Elder Ascendant Zurilod Dawnreaver and Guardian Lyrinel Morningflame are the official representatives of the Office of the Headmaster for the Order of Celestial Dawn.
  • Guardian Talandriel Sunchaser and Guardian Felano Glacierwind are the official representatives of the Defense Division of the Order of Celestial Dawn.

I should still be able to log on for our raids on Fridays and Mondays in addition to our Saturday role play events.

  • If I am unable to attend a raid night, raid leader responsibilities will be left in the capable hands of Felano Glacierwind, Liberator of Orgrimmar.

I will try my hardest to attend Wednesday classes and Thursday old raids but those are both extremely busy work days most weeks while on the road.

If you have personal or official role play lines or stories with me or any of my characters, please contact me first if you wish to do anything with them while I am away.

New Members

We have many new members who have joined us since February!  Please be sure to welcome them and make them feel at home.  As always, keep in mind that we have many unique individuals from many unique places so everyone who joins will not always already know everyone else.  People discover us through our official recruitment thread, our YouTube channel, our guild website, our podcasts, WoWProgress, our guild Tumblr pages, our personal Tumblr pages, our individual role play Tumblr pages, interacting with us on Wyrmrest Accord, and through word of mouth.  Therefore, we should always take an extra effort to make sure that, no matter how someone has found us, that every member feels as safe and welcome as anyone else.

In addition, if you have not already had the chance to check out the new additions to our official guild Tumblr, please see the following IC and role play blogs inspired by some of our newest members!

Rook “Tangram” Dracone

Alandelm “The Unknown”

Azurick Bloodreaver

Zarayna and Thrandria Sunwhisper

Acalinia Embershade

Roanathos Umbrafel (Limnedspire)

The Sergeant Council

Beginning this week and continuing as we move forward, a leadership board of junior officers representing various areas of Coram Populo will be created to advise the senior administration of the guild on various guild matters, assist new and current members with questions they may have, and serve as diplomats to the outside community at large.  These senior members exemplify the values that we strive to achieve within our guild ranks and exude to the world around us, both in-game and out.

Personal Conduct Policy Updates and Highlights

Please remember that you are always a reflection of yourself, this guild, and me personally each and every time that you say, yell, emote, whisper, or publish something, regardless of the channel, venue or context.  This includes things said and done both in and out of game.

If you feel as though something is making you feel unsafe or unwelcome in the guild or community at large, please always feel free to email me anonymously at

All emails are considered confidential and identifiable information will never be shared with other parties, including those in administrative roles in the guild or the officer corps of Coram Populo.  In other words, I am the only one that will see them and any problems that are revealed will be discussed in a manner that will not identify or allude to the reporting party.

In addition, that email address can be used to send me information, questions, and concerns about anything related to the guild or our role play, both in and out of game!

Coram Connection

Felano Glacierwind

Congratulations to Felano Glacierwind, who has been promoted to the rank of “Commander” within the officer corps Coram Populo.

Felano joined Coram Populo nearly a year ago and has consistently made quite an impact on all of us in the time that he has been in our family.  As a player, I have never seen someone acclimate to the concept of role play (and role play within World of Warcraft) as quickly as he has been able to do in such a short period of time.  As a person, I have come to realize that Felano’s loyalty to the guild and people in something that is rarely found these days in people we encounter in life.

Felano will continue to be the Assistant Raid Leader during SOO 10 Normal Progression (Primary Raid Leader in my absence) and the head of our Human Resources Department.  He is also an exceptional role player with IC/OOC connections to may other role players and guilds on the server (if you ever wish to engage in more role play than you have currently, that is).  In addition, he is the ranking officer of Coram Populo during times when I am away from the game and carries the full authority of my person and office as well.

Talandriel Sunchaser

Congratulations to Talandriel Sunchaser, who has been promoted to the rank of “Lieutenant” within the officer corps Coram Populo.

Talandriel has been with Coram Populo for nearly six months and her contributions have already amounted to amazing, positive, helpful and endless impacts every step of the way that she has been here.  All of us here consistently thank the WoW gods for allowing her to find us and allowing us to find her.  As a player, it has been amazing to see her become such a radiant role player and someone that carries the banner of Celestial Dawn and Coram Populo with seamless elegance.  As a person, it’s amazing to be able to relate to someone who works full-time and still manages to come home after a long day and make others around her laugh and smile.

Talandriel will continue to be a stellar tank for our SOO 10 Normal Progression team and serve as counsel for the Council of Sergeants as questions and concerns arise moving forward.  She also is an amazing role player and very approachable with new story ideas.  She also has IC/OOC connections to other role players on the server (if you ever wish to engage in more role play than you have currently, that is).

Role Play Information and News

Celestial Dawn Main Line Update

Defenses, emergency provisions, fortifications, escape mechanisms, magic barriers, infrastructure, enhanced communications, automated patrols, towers, walls, and dock enhancements continue to be built and put into place at the estate and other locations owned or operated by the Order of Celestial Dawn under the direction of Guardian Talandriel Sunchaser.

Tarcanus has returned to teaching on Saturdays, holding his normal lecture at the times listed on our guild website.  The IC social and office hours will return to their old form of travel and banter in various parts of Azeroth beginning next week (still Saturdays).

Official mass research for the Order is currently focused in the Caverns of Time, studying facts and information concerning the Dragon Aspects (while simultaneously getting everyone their Dragon Soul Heroic and meta titles and mounts).

Everyone has taken a proverbial breath (ICly and OOCly) after all of the chaos and publicity that ensued after the Thalassian Citizen’s Forum.  The calmness was much needed, and everyone is thankful to get back to their normal routines.

New Classes, Courses, Seminars and Lectures

Zurilod Dawnreaver, Roanathos Umbrafel (Limnedspire), and Lyrinel Morningflame will all be taking up classes of their own.

Zurilod and Roanathos shall be teaching on alternating Wednesday evenings, and a future repeating day and time will be announced for Lyrinel’s “Appreciation of Theatre, Music and Performing Arts” as well.  Liseda Dawnbloom will continue leading small seminars showcasing fine art and their inner or hidden meetings once a month.

These classes and seminars are in addition to our other standard classes which will still be held at their current days and times during the week or month.

While Tarc is ICly Out of the Office…

Elder Ascendant Dawnreaver (Personal Protector of the Office of the Headmaster) and Guardian Lyrinel Morningflame (Executive Assistant of the Office of the Headmaster) are the direct links to Headmaster Frostbourne while he is away from the city or off traveling the vast reaches of Azeroth.

Side Quests, Lines and Stories

The Study of Fine Art, Archaeology and Artifacts, and Research of Scourge lines are all free form quests and stories that, now that everyone has been briefed (check our guild website if you missed it, as flyers and texts are lying around the estate detailing each of these three stories), are open and available for anyone to contribute to at their leisure.  They are very “sandbox” mode in design, so feel free to use your own ideas (abiding by the rules of Celestial Dawn, our guild rules, and general role play etiquette, of course) when joining others in completing these stories.

New Scholars, Teachers, Lecturers, Professors, Students, Apprentices, Initiates or Applicants of the Order

New scholars and lecturers are always welcome to join the Order and teach a class of their own.  Please contact Guardian Lyrinel Morningflame or Liseda Dawnbloom for more information and they will forward to request to the Office of the Headmaster (OOC Note: Contacting Lyrinel will be much faster than contacting Tarcanus or Liseda, as I will be quite busy and unable to check Tumblr, in-game mail, email, ect. for long periods of time this month).

New students, apprentices, and initiates are also always welcome to join Celestial Dawn.  Please contact ANY member of the Order to receive information or for induction (OOC Note: Inductions and initiations do not need to be conducted by the Headmaster him/herself and any Guardian of the Order of Celestial Dawn may do so).

Note that to join the guild itself, we usually conduct a brief interview over vent or whispers and will refer you to our guild website to ensure that you have read all of our rules, specifically our personal conduct policies.

Raiding Information and News

Flex Raiding (SOO)

Our normally schedule flex raiding is currently on hold as we acclimate new members and new “90’s” to the raiding environment in Coram Populo and raiding in general.  We thank you for your patience as we continue to gear, schedule, slate, and organize everyone for future flex runs.

SOO 10 Normal Progression Team

Please note that we are ALWAYS looking for raid-ready alternates to fill various positions on our Current Content 10-Person Progression Team.  We are 10/14 in SOO Normal so far and cannot wait to finally beat Garrosh and send him to jail!

As always, our raid philosophy is to look at the PERSON and PLAYER before anything else.  Thus, simply have high raw numbers or performing perfect mechanics, while very important, is nothing compared to being a great teammate, guild mate, and enjoyable person to raid with for six hours each week.  All raid team members must also abide by our guild rules and personal conduct policies.

Please check out our guild website for all of our raid team rules and for more information.  Please contact Felano Glacierwind, Talandriel Sunchaser, or myself to apply (Again, speaking with Felano or Talandriel will be much faster than speaking with me as I am largely out of the game this month).

Old Content News

If you wish to sign up for the waiting list for either legendary quest progression, please email me.  We have pushed through 5-6 legendary pieces to the point of nearing completion in Firelands, Ice Crown Citadel, and Dragon Soul.  If, after all of the remaining quests and legendary items are completed, there is no one else on either waiting list, we will move on to other old content raids.

Wyrmrest Accord Community Outreach and Information

Please know that Coram Populo / Celestial Dawn has had an amazing month of outreach to other players and guilds on this server and the role play community at large.  This server never ceases to amaze me with the amount of wonderful people and role players out there who I encounter each and every day.  Please know that, while I may not be here to speak with many of you in person this month, our guild is full of people ready and willing to role play with you.

I would also like to thank many of the people in the WrA community listed below who have helped Tarcanus’ personal story line develop significantly over the past month in addition to give them credit for the hard work and things that they do to bring the server together in a healthy, positive, uplifting and enthusiastic manner.  It is always part of our duty as proud members of this role play community to support those around us, including those in other guilds and organizations.  These folks put many hours of writing, hard work and emotional into organizing these events for us and they should be appreciated for all that they do.

Be sure to ask Talandriel, Felano, or myself about any server-wide events that each of these individuals may be hosting in the future so that we can get you an invitation on the in-game calendar.

Alyadria and Hand of Belore

High Priestess Alyadria is the wonderful woman who gave the touching prayer at the Armed Forces Gala this month in addition to the beautiful sermon many of you heard last week.  Please know that the Order of Celestial Dawn and its Headmaster have plans to work with Hand of Belore in the future (you wouldn’t know this ICly yet but I say this to note the level of respect and admiration that I have for her as a person, player and writer).  We will most definitely be advertising any future speeches or events that the High Priestess will be holding in the future.

Amariesse and Everyone at The Registry

The Registry holds many untold secrets in different hidden rooms and various corridors.  Although this story is still largely in the works in terms of the Order’s involvement, the people behind it are simply amazing.  Rook, Amariesse, Voltos, Acalinia, everyone else… I cannot thank you enough for adding to our classes and guild role play.  Old relics, ancient artifacts, and a lot of unknown lie ahead.  But playing these things out with incredible people and networking our players has been nothing short of excellent.

Sairalis, Eriene and the Phoenix Guard, Thalassian Citizen’s Hospice and Thalassian Council of Commerce

Sairalis is a wizard at never showing her hand or what cards she truly holds, condemning the Order for demoting her lover one moment and offering its Headmaster a seat on the Thalassian Council of Commerce the next.  Between intricate lies and details left shrouded in a veil, no one knows what manipulations or facades will occur next.  Between this story and influence over Celestial Dawn and the involvement of the Thalassian Citizen’s Hospice in preparing members of the Order for triage and emergencies, you have both been simply amazing to work with.  I hope that when thing settle down, we can continue these lines.

Sarcasm, Raynell and Thori Anore

Thank you to all of those at Thori Anore who invited us to the amazing Armed Forces Gala this month.  I know that writing speeches and translating them into “WoW-sized” chat boxes is a task in itself, much less writing something that also translates into exception and moving role play.  I know that organizing such a feat was not easy, but the event was simply superlative.  You all have the appreciation of Coram Populo and its members, including myself.

Oriel and House Starfallen

Oriel was kind enough this month to meet with me before the Thalassian Citizen’s Forum and help sort out all of the security mess that was involved with threats and kidnappings and mysterious deaths occurring all over the city.  His guild is always professional and it was excellent to network with them during all the chaos of the past four weeks.

Silvermoon City Guardians and Blood Knights

To those who have helped us secure defenses, answer questions about the laws inside and outside the city, and organizations who have lent a hand in securing our defenses, we cannot thank you enough.  It has been quite an interesting study concerning the laws and traditions of Quel’Thalas outside the city gates and in territories farther away from the center of the kingdom.  From geography to mapping roads and paths and locations near the estate to assisting us in creating reasonable defenses given its location, you’ve all contributed in meaningful ways to our story.

Guild Leader’s Personal Statement of the Month

I would first like to thank each and every one of you in Coram Populo for all of your efforts during the past month.  I know that it has been crazy for us as a guild, but we made it through to the end and got to experience some amazing role play, networking, and fun times while doing so.  In fact, as chapter is closing, six or seven more are just beginning.  We know have the opportunity to role play and engage many individuals throughout the server on a widespread basis, and I hope that you will choose to do so as we move forward in March and April.  Even if I am largely out of the game, I feel an incredible energy and surge from all of you that I know you will carry into the future.

Remember that I am but simply one person and that no one here is more or less important than anyone else.  There are over 145 (actual players) of you in the guild.  Every individual in this guild is a capable, unique, and has something to offer.  You all are special and all mean something to me.

Have a great month!  I’ll see you here and there and again in April! <3

Minor Notes

Please note that all of my Tumblr posts (OOC and IC) are things that have been pre-queued to post throughout the month so that the accounts remain active!  Therefore, I am not actually on or logged into Tumblr 95% of the time.  I am most definitely not ignoring anyone!

The only exception, however, to what I just implored to you all is… I will be posting photos of my work-related travels to Cancun, Europe, and San Francisco on my OOC/Personal Tumblr so if you wish to follow me around the world, please click here!

Again, Felano, Talandriel, all of our Sergeants, and many of our Senior Members are more than capable of answering any questions or concerns you may have or introducing your characters into role play lines.  In addition, if you are interested in raiding, joining the guild, or participating in the Order of Celestial Dawn’s story, please contact Felano or Talandriel!