Coram Populo Now 7/7 N in Emerald Nightmare!

Coram Populo Now 7/7 N in Emerald Nightmare!

Congratulations to the Coram Populo raid team which is now 7/7 in normal progression in the Emerald Nightmare raid!

Cenarius and Xavius could not withstand the might of our guild members, and we will hopefully have these two bosses on farm fairly soon. Even with an accidental pull on Xavius, the team managed to down the boss on its first attempt. It is great to see that we have over twenty raid team members with us for every raid night/event. The Legion hype and our guild hype is real!

Our plan is to continue working on normal mode encounters until we have defeated Xavius 3-4 times and can successfully clear the entire raid in one two-hour session. At that point, we will begin heroic mode difficulty progression in the Emerald Nightmare.

Great work, everyone! We look forward to continued progression well into Legion.

Joining Our Raid Team

If you are interested in raiding with us, please join our Discord server, speak with Tehrass (Battletag: Tehrass#1655,, sign up for an OpenRaid account, and review the raid team requirements located on our guild website.

Information about enchants, food, flasks, potions, runes, and other buffs is available on our guild website. Please note that these are not optional and the logs will show if raiders are not properly gearing, using buffs during raid or drinking two potions per fight.

Active raiders should also be looking at OpenRaid (Coram Populo on OpenRaid), Warcraft Logs, WoWProgress, and our raid night replays on Twitch (