Coram Populo Official Guild Meeting Notes – May 3, 2014

Coram Populo Official Guild Meeting Notes – May 3, 2014

Guild Forums Now Open!

Please visit and sign up for our new guild forums at!

All of the latest information and news will be posted to the forums as well as showcases of our role play and art!

When creating an account, be sure to use a valid email address as you will need to provide verification that you are not a robot or automatic spam bot during the account creation process.

As always, our guild personal conduct policies and guild rules apply to these forums and any other venues or platforms associated with the guild or its members.

General Announcements

  • Our weekly ICC old content run has been replaced with an Ulduar weekly old content run. To be placed on the waiting list for legendary drops from Ulduar, please contact Zurilod in game. Currently, Rhaelia is slotted as the first person to be receiving legendary drops from Ulduar but there is no one one the waiting list to collect legendary drops after she is finished with the quest.
  • If you wish to teach a class, become a lecturuer, hold a seminar or be a guest at Tarc’s Teachings, please let Tarcanus, Talandriel or Lyrinel know and schedule an appointment with one of us to discuss the nature of the continuing class, lecture series, seminar or one-time speaking event event. We are very flexible in terms of allowing people to use their creative freedom to produce wonderful end products and results with their role play so do not be afraid to pose different and unique ideas so long as they abide by our personal conduct policies and guild rules.
  • Tarc’s Teachings, the IC Research event, and Guild Social will all resume their normal operations starting next week (5/10/2014). Event days and times will be as they always have been on Saturday.
  • If you need your IC Tumblr listed on the sidebar of our guild Tumblr, please send Tarcanus an in-game mail or contact us through the guild email ( Remember, only IC Tumblrs are listed on the guild Tumblr and be sure to include a link or URL of the Tumblr page you wish to have linked on our guild Tumblr so that Tarcanus can find it easily. As always, all Tumblrs should abide by our guild personal conduct policies and guild rules.

Guild PvP

If you are interested in becoming a member of a guild arena team or wish to run battlegrounds with the guild, please contact Lyrinel in game with more information.

We will now be running honor grinds and normal battlegrounds as a guild on Sundays and Wednesdays. Please see the in-game calendar for specific days and times.

Ask Tellaria – PvE Advice and Learning to Raid

Sergeant Tellaria Evensong has graciously offered to begin individual and group training and counseling sessions for those wishing to get the most out of their PvE experience!

Tellaria has been an integral a part of the Coram Populo raid team for over eight months and provided council and advice on many of our encounters during his tenure with the guild.

An experienced and knowledgeable raider dating back to the early days of the game, he has performed every function and role on a raid team in addition to leading his own raiding guild in previous years.

Most importantly, Tellaria fits perfectly with the Coram Model of raiding and is one of the friendliest and most professional members of the guild.

Guild Bank

We have received a few questions over the past week about the guild bank and, more specifically, how to donate to our guild stores.

The guild bank organization project has been a major work in progress for us over the past few months. Since there are many components and facets to Coram Populo, allocating the right amount of space to the right divisions and wings of the guild is always a tricky proposition.

This, combined with the other projects that we have been working on which have taken precedence (the installation, design, and opening of the guild forums, for example), has caused the guild bank to be placed on the back burner, so to speak.

HOWEVER, we are indeed diligently working to restore the ability to see and deposit items into certain tabs for all guild members and hope to have the complete project completed within the next two weeks. At that time, information on how to donate to the guild and which items should be placed in which tabs will be provided to all guild members.

If you wish to donate items to the guild bank in the interim, please mail items directly to Tarcanus.

Thank you for your patience.

Role Play

Both the Academic Division and the Defense Division of the Order of Celestial Dawn are still actively recruiting new characters for role play stories and the main story of the Order.

If you wish to become involved in one of the divisions, please contact the following individuals:

Office of the Headmaster

Office of the Headmaster: Tarcanus Frostbourne
Executive Assistant to the Office of the Headmaster: Lyrinel Morningflame
Chief Legal Counsel:
 Thradia Starshard

Defense Division

Commander Officer of the Defense Division: Talandriel Sunchaser

Arms Unit: Zurilod Dawnreaver
Reconnaissance Unit: Rook Tangram
Triage Unit: Amannette Hardy

Academic Division

Chancellor: Tarcanus Frostbourne

Vice Chancellor of Education: Lyrinel Morningflame
Vice Chancellor of Research: Liseda Dawnbloom
Master of Ascendancy: Tarcanus Frostbourne