Coram Populo Structural Realignment (Final)

Coram Populo Structural Realignment (Final)

In order to better facilitate a transition to an extremely active and impactful Warlords of Draenor expansion, a structural realignment has been made so that each leadership role and each “division” within our guild is efficiently utilized and given the necessary tools to succeed.

We have become quite a large guild, and in order to better achieve our primary goal is to always be a “people first” environment while progressing in all the activities the game has to offer, we must prepare ourselves accordingly.

Therefore, commencing immediately, each division within Coram Populo will now be led by a senior member of the guild or guild officer with supervision and administrative oversight provided by Marshal Talandriel Sunchaser and Guild Leader Tarcanus Frostbourne.

Within a given guild division, the division leader will organize activities and teams, craft rules and design policies to guide their respective divisions, and provide direction and vision for the future for the divisions themselves.

If you are interested in participating in an activity or being on a team that falls within a specific division’s jurisdiction, please contact that division’s commander or an officer within that division for more information.

Guild Leader

Tarcanus Frostbourne

Tarcanus will continue to create and implement a general vision and direction for Coram Populo, maintaining executive authority over all guild matters and affairs (but approaching each specific division or activity within the guild using a largely “hands off” approach and allowing each division commander to take charge and truly own his or her division).

Activities and Roles

  • General Leadership
    • Design, Create, and Implement Creative Vision
    • Set Tone, Atmosphere and Working Environment
  • Administrative Oversight
    • Guild Marshal Development
    • Commander Oversight
    • Divisional Oversight
    • Officer Oversight
    • Officer Acquisition, Training and Development
    • Quality Control
  • Social Media
    • Guild Website
    • Guild Forums
    • YouTube
    • Major Guild Tumblr Page(s) Maintenance / Updates
    • Guild Recruitment Thread (Official World of Warcraft Forums)
    • WoWProgress Recruitment Thread
  • Public Relations
    • Create Press Releases and Media Relations Packages
    • Field General Questions About Guild
  • Branding
    • Logo, Banner and Graphic Creation
    • Commemorative Poster and Art Creation
  • Historical and Archival Duties
    • Track Major Guild Milestones and Achievements
    • Record Moments of Significance in Guild History

Guild Marshal

Talandriel Sunchaser

Talandriel will continue to perform all operations and maintain the guild at the direction agreed upon by the guild leader and guild marshal(s).

Guild marshals will perform many of the same tasks that the guild leader performs directly, or provide administrative assistance in implementing the designs and plans for the future of the guild.  Although marshals also maintain administrative authority over all guild matters, they too will largely take a “hands off” approach in dealing with and addressing specific issues within a particular division.

Activities and Roles

  • Plan, Develop and Implement Guild Development Strategy with Guild Leader
  • Administrative Oversight
  • Public Relations

Player vs. Environment (PvE)

Commander Tellaria Evensong

Other PvE Divisional Officers

Sergeant Jaedan Snowdrift

Coram Populo will continue to maintain a strong “PvE” presence in Warlords of Draenor, ushering in the new era of raiding and end-game activity in the process.  Coming off the many successes of the current content raid team in Siege of Orgrimmar and the successes of many guild challenge mode teams, we will work to continue to capture the energy and enthusiasm of our raiders and those interested in PvE content in order to continually progress towards our new goals.

Divisional Jurisdiction and Activities

  • Mythic Raiding
  • Flex Raiding
  • LFR Experience
  • Challenge Mode Dungeons
  • Heroic Dungeon Teams
  • Individual and Group PvE Performance Feedback / Evaluation / Improvement Planning
  • Individual and Group PvE Tutoring and Training / Proving Grounds Training
  • Statistical Analysis / Theorycrafting / Strategic Planning and Development

Role Play (RP)

Commander Essalie Westcrown / Thradia Starshard

Coram Populo will continue to progress the story of the Order of Celestial Dawn as the game enters the real-time next expansion.  There will be two concurrent major guild lines occurring during Warlords of Draenor: Those who enter Draenor and those who stay behind and continue their day-to-day and normal activities.  Each story will have its own set of activities and events that occur as mutually exclusive line progression for each respective line.

Divisional Jurisdiction and Activities

  • Guild Role Play Quality Control and Etiquette Review
  • Social Media Updates and Branding Control (RP-Specific)
    • Tumblr(s)
    • Guild Forums
    • Guild Website
  • The Order of Celestial Dawn
    • Overarching Story Creation and Development
    • IC Recruitment
    • The Estate
  • Draenor “Lost Party” Line Management
    • Expedition Line Creation
    • Action / Combat Role Play Implementation
    • Draenor Camp Development
  • “Normal” Timeline Line Management
    • Classes, Lectures, Seminars, Academic Holdings
    • Normal Research and Daily Affairs
    • Estate and Headquarters Development
  • Inter-guild/faction/server Role Play Lines and Requests

Player vs. Player (PvP)

Commander Lyrinel Morningflame

Coram Populo will slowly acclimate guild members to the new PvP changes within the new expansion, gearing as we learn everything about the new environment and each other’s playstyles as well.  Rated and end-game PvP activities will occur after each member of the team feels comfortable and at ease with the new PvP changes and their own characters.

Divisional Jurisdiction and Activities

  • Guild Rated Battleground Teams
  • Guild Arena Teams / Progression
  • Conquest Point Farming
  • Honor Point Farming
  • PvP Event Nights and Casual Random Battleground Events

Old Content / Legendary Farming

Commander Lyrinel Morningflame

Coram Populo will continue to run old content and farm titles, mounts, achievements and legendary items as we move forward into Warlords of Draenor.  Events will occur on a regular basis as time permits.

Divisional Jurisdiction and Activities

  • Old Content Farming
  • Legendary Farming
  • Title, Mount, and Meta Achievement Acquisition and Progression

Social Events and Community Development

Sergeant Klarabella Lightblade

Coram Populo will continue holding regular social events and special events related to in-game holidays and notable dates or periods of time within Azerothian lore.  These events will serve as a bridge both ICly and OOCly between the veteran guild members and new guild members and/or the community at large.  These events will also serve to allow everyone to congregate and socialize in a safe, low-pressure, and fun environment.

Divisional Jurisdiction and Activities

  • Social Event Creation and Development
  • Special Event Creation and Development

General Service Officers

Sergeant Alyriel Lightflight

Guild Community Development and Outreach Officer.

Sergeant Demmuda Daysong-Tamarack

Guild Community Development and Outreach Officer, New Player Development Officer