Coram Populo Thanks You for Five Great Years

Coram Populo Thanks You for Five Great Years

In the coming months, Coram Populo will be celebrating its fifth year anniversary!

As we inch closer and closer towards the official date in August, we’d like to take the time to thank everyone who has ever been in our guild and contributed to the achievements, accomplishments, creative writing projects, raid progression, arena progression, story of Celestial Dawn, and the atmosphere and community within our ranks.

Coram Populo has taken on many forms throughout the course of the past five years, from a small, casual guild known as “Blood Bath and Beyond” on Ysera to a massive, 1,700 person affair called, “Guild Gone Wild” on Hyjal (this was before they capped guild membership totals at 1,000).

Wyrmrest Accord has been our home for the past three years, and where we have finally settled for good.  Finding the combination of role play and raiding was something of a dream, but one that we most certainly never want to wake up from.

I can hardly believe that nearly half a decade has passed since we first set out building this wonderful organization of individuals from around the world and from different walks of life.  Over the years, I have been honored that so many of you have welcomed me into your countries and homes, allowed us to be a part of your lives, and even given some the older statesmen and women the opportunity to watch you grow up and become adults and peers before our very eyes.

Many of you have opened my mind to different experiences and opinions that I had never heard or knew of before stepping into the position that I hold now.  All of you have inspired me in your own unique ways, even after you have left the game or decided that life would take you in a different direction than online role play or gaming.

Sometimes, during the midst of my career and work life, the world can seem as if it was painted with the same brush on the same canvas one thousand times over (travel notwithstanding, of course).  Conducting business and commuting back and forth between cities and airports in aluminum cans is rather dull compared to firing frostbolts and lasers back and forth with friends or reliving a timeless romance filled with endless oceans, windswept vistas, vast forests and the great unknown.

More importantly, however, is the fact that I have had the opportunity of a lifetime in the ability to meet so many different people on personal and intimate levels.  Often times, we forget that there are immensely creative and infinitely interesting people behind the avatars that we see on our computer screens.  Without taking the risk to reach out and touch people, I never would have had the opportunity to listen and learn from those around me (even when they are sitting 8,000 miles away).

From raving in the middle of the desert until sunrise with you to jumping off the top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas while you laugh at me from the ground to listening to your band play jazz in a quiet corner of New Orleans at a cafe that you’ve owned for forty years (RIP Willie), you have all taught me that life is about living, and people are what makes life… alive.

Even beyond the experiences, the life stories that some of you have written for yourselves and so graciously allowed me to be a part of along the way still resonate within me quite vividly.  I never knew what it was like to listen to and feel someone’s broken spirit or heart when they struggled to find the motivation to live each and every day.  I never knew just how many people secretly felt that way and simply never told anyone before or had no one to tell.  I never realized that people suffer in silence as victims of abuse or trauma and never get justice for what other people had done to them, left without a voice or an advocate or help to speak of.  I never realized that the gratitude for what I had in life, even for things that I had earned, was infinitely less than it should be.

Often, gamers and people that congregate en masse with others online get a bad name or have a reputation as being lazy or unable to be successful at anything in the real world.  Even within the role play subset of our own beloved game, we are often ostracized by the masses in the World of Warcraft community for being “those weird people over there.”  Yet, as I’ve see countless times again and again, it is the opposite that is quite true.  The members of Coram Populo and all of the other role play guilds out there are proof of that.

So as we journey closer and closer towards the official date, the only thing that I can say is…

Thank you.

A guild is only as great as the people in it… and from my perspective, you’re all pretty great people.