Creating a Healthy Guild Environment in the Wake of Current Events

Creating a Healthy Guild Environment in the Wake of Current Events

After observing many of the reactions (everywhere) to the current political climate that exists in the United States and around the world, we felt it necessary to restate some of our own guild rules and policies that guide us through our adventure in Azeroth and beyond together. In fact, we would much rather make these statements now so that everyone is clear on our guild rules and policies as we move forward together.

We realize that our guild members are a diverse group of individuals who come from many different backgrounds and parts of the world. One of the coolest things about our guild is that we do have members from over fourteen different countries who work in an infinitely varied number of professions. We would never want to change that and, if anything, we hope to broaden our scope even further and continue recruitment well into Legion and beyond.

We also realize that many of you have strong political beliefs and opinions and that the current election cycle in the United States may have brought forth many strong emotions within our guild members (regardless of what their political beliefs are or who they supported in the general election). There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It is great to see that people are so invested in and passionate about what happens to their government, world, and future.

However, when it comes to what we say and do as a guild (and as individuals who are members of this guild), there are other important things to consider as well.

Gaming for Fun

World of Warcraft, like many of the activities we participate in, is supposed to be fun. Many of us lead very busy lives outside the game and raiding and role play are things we use to take a break from reality or the daily grind and do something that allows us to rejuvenate our energy and clear our minds of the pressures of work, family, personal finance, commutes, chores and other things going on in the world.

Politics, the economy, wars, taxes and elections are things that are constantly thrown in our faces, especially now that we live in the era of cable television, the Internet, and social media. Sometimes, we all need to step away from this endless barrage of information and opinion and just enjoy a simple game.

Of course, we would never encourage people to stop having opinions or to stop educating themselves on important issues. We all have strong beliefs about various things in the world and our lives. It is good to have core values and to attempt to live by them each day. However, ensuring that our guild environment is one that allows people to feel welcome, removed from the pressures of everyday life, and without the thought of wondering if someone is going to make a political statement or joke in front of them is of the utmost importance.

We are all here to have fun and to “take a breather,” so to speak, from real life. Life can be difficult enough without having to deal with extra stress in a video game or during an activity we participate in for recreational purposes. Our challenges should manifest themselves in the form of raid bosses, mythic runs, battlegrounds, and becoming diverse and robust creative writers and role players. That is what will make us stronger as a community and as a family. That is what we hope to accomplish in Coram Populo.

Thank you for your attention in this matter and we hope that you all continue to be the amazing people that you have always been!

Coram Populo Personal Conduct Policies and Guild Rules

All guild members are encouraged to review the personal conduct policies and guild rules located on our guild website. These are the policies and rules that all guild members agreed to adhere to when first applying to and interviewing for a membership role within our guild.

Please note that these rules and policies apply to ALL of our channels, websites, blogs, social media pages, chat text, voice chat programs, and all communications platforms both in and out of game. These rules also apply both publicly and privately.