Expeditionary… Excellence?

Expeditionary… Excellence?

Tarcanus frowned, looking back to the four who had accompanied him with folded arms.

Yes, it was cold.  Yes, it was now unfriendly territory.  Yes, it was away from the frivolities and luxuries of Sin’dorei life.

But, it was their mission and duty to study that which he had proposed the week earlier.

Tarcanus squinted his eyes, shaking his head lightly as the group bantered among themselves on such riveting topics like their hair, nails, makeup and hot baths.  Surely, many of them would have to acquire some intestinal fortitude.  Surely, there would have to be changes in order to motivate them on long expeditions.

Well, we’ll certainly have to regroup before our next trip… otherwise, we’ll assuredly lose precious time… and much more…

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