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Much has changed since I first started role playing with Tarcanus.  People grow, stories unfold, history unravels.  As with the world around him, so much of what was originally written to describe this former librarian would barely even be recognizable today.

*** Now that Jaina flipped her lid (or is going to do so shortly), Tarc has left Dalaran to explore the world. He’s all grown up and out of his shell. ***

– The Adventure… In a Book –

It seemed that no matter how many times Tarcanus had them repaired, those darned spectacles never quite fit right over his nose. At least he would not have to wear them for long before he managed to somehow feel them crunch beneath his cloth slippers. Oddly enough, he was never able to quite remember how they always ended up on the floor to begin with…

However, today was one of those few times when it seemed like nothing could bring Tarcanus down. He had just finished acquiring a freshly printed batch of scrolls and was preparing to curl up in peaceful solitude and lose himself in story after wonderful story. These were indeed the days that brought a smile to the awkward features of his face.

Scurrying through the halls of the Kirin Tor library, Tarcanus reached up with one arm and pushed his wizard cap to one side. He had seemingly never noticed that this faded hat appeared to be multiple sizes too large for his head, and at this point it had all but become a security blanket for him.

Although he tried his hardest to keep his assistant’s uniform neatly pressed and polished, there was always just something… off… about how it appeared. As he darted from corridor to corridor, the cloth adornments would flail in the wind and show their poorly tied knots and misfit appearance.

As he reached one of the reading rooms, Tarcanus would close the door behind him and exhale. Today he would not have to deal with pushy librarians or unruly guests of the Kirin Tor. Today, he could simply relax with some refined literature in complete peace. All that was left was to for him to adjust his spectacles and unravel the first scroll.

But wait, where had those pesky spectacles gone? He had just felt them bobbing against his nose a few seconds ago. They were just resting in front of his eyes and he was looking right through them moments before, or so he had thought. “They couldn’t have gone far,” he quietly whispered to himself, tapping his forefingers lightly against his chin, “I’ll find them.”

Standing up to search for them, he would instantly feel a familiar crunch beneath his left foot. After freezing for several moments of painful realization, he would slink back down into the chair and sigh. Yes, he had done it again. Yes, it was going to be one of those days.

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** Tarc’s Old Bio **

Tarcanus Frostbourne is a shy soul who can often be found huddled away in the safety of the Kirin Tor libraries. He is most comfortable nestled in the corner of a reading room with a work of literary marvel in one hand and a cup of hot cocoa in the other.

Tarcanus is not one for conversation, mostly due to his awkward demeanor and lack of any semblance of social grace. Although he wishes to be friendly, more often than not he tends to avoid interacting with others for fear of underwhelming them in conversation.

After years of studying the art of magic, one might assume that Tarcanus was adept at conjuring powerful beasts and using devastating spells to defeat enemies and threats abound. However, this could not be farther from the truth. For as much as his knowledge has grown with the study of each tome, Tarcanus has chosen to devote his efforts into mastering spells that provide creature comforts and utility to his everyday life.

Due to the many years of self-imposed solitude, Tarcanus has actually grown to be quite the chef. Although he would be much too embarrassed to cook for someone else for fear of failing in front of them, Tarcanus actually has quite the flare for preparing, cooking, and plating the various cuisines of Azeroth.


Tarcanus will rarely ever look anyone in the eye. He will stumbled about and, when made completely flustered, stutter in incoherent bursts.

Tarcanus will try to do what he can to help others; however he might not be the most helpful individual due to his shy nature and slow manner of gaining confidence with those around him.

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Tarcanus OOC

Well hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our new home!  My name is Tarcanus Frostbourne, and I shall be your friendly neighborhood guild leader during this little adventure of ours.

I guess I should take this opportunity to tell you a little about my experiences with World of Warcraft and role play.

I was actually a late bloomer to the world of online gaming.  Growing up in a small town in California, I didn’t even have high-speed Internet until I arrived for my undergraduate studies years ago.

To be honest, I never saw the draw and appeal that MMORPG’s had on people.  I thought they were massive time dumps and in a lot of ways unhealthy.  Of course, then I started playing World of Warcraft for the first time and… well, as they say… the rest is history.

I’ve been a member of many different guilds and the leader of several as well.  Some have been quite large, some have been quite intimate.  Some were raiding guilds, others were social and leveling guilds.  The more I think about it, the more I see how much of a mixed bag the World of Warcraft experience has been for me.  I started playing World of Warcraft on a normal server, roamed to a PvP server and eventually found myself settled on a role play server.  So I guess you could say I’ve been around the block.

The best part of any MMO (and by virtue any guild or collection of people in a game) is the people.  Without the people you meet and connect with in-game, there would be no role play, raiding, player vs. player combat or socializing.  There would be no conquering of great challenges, completion of group tasks, and engaging in new stories with those around you.  One of the greatest accomplishments of all MMO’s in the fact that millions of people from all different parts of the world can be in one virtual space at the same time interacting and grouping together.

As we set forth on this new adventure, I hope that as we meet some of you we can create and share some of those same experiences together.  While it might not always be easy and while things come up in life that prevent us all from engaging with each other as often as we would like, I think that this will be a great opportunity.

Welcome aboard!

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Tarcanus IRL

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