Azerothian Trade Federation

The Azerothian Trade Federation: Prelude

Tarcanus nodded, a deeply reflective and calm tone enveloping his words as he glanced up to the Pandaren figure in the shadows.

“Your people share a common thread with mine – a thread that has woven itself through the fabric of time to show us, to remind us, of the delicate nature of life, of our time here. While we may not have always known of each other’s family or of our different lands, we understand now. We understand better than any story or book could tell us. We understand through a commonality that transcends spoken or written word. We understand in ways that can only resonate from deep within our very beings from a place that no one sees save for during the most important, raw moments of our lives.

We need not say anything.

We need not do anything.

We need not… because we feel… we understand.”

Tarcanus rose from the table, making his way towards the door of the inn as his newfound partners across the entryway stood in silence. It was not something he was unfamiliar with in life. Retirement could only last so long. Life, as they say, was meant to be lived. The story must continue. There was still much to be done before he departed this existence. The time to act was now.

While networking several organizations would certainly be more complicated than managing just one, Tarcanus knew that he had an active force behind him at the start of the journey this time. Instead of creating something new from nothing with the assistance of only two others as with his previous endeavor, this coalition would build upon the strength of what already existed and operated successfully on its own.

They were an odd collection. They were brought together by mysterious forces and in mysterious ways. Some were scouts, mercenaries or ex-patriots. Others were scholars, scribes and messengers. From the artisans of the expansive north to artists of back alleys and small ponds, from the noble financiers of large estates and established families to the defenders of Light and seekers of rare artifacts and relics – nothing but the proverbial net that was cast over all of them could be used to describe them as one entity.

But that was the beauty of it all. Nothing was certain in life, and this epitomized that in definite terms. While some would come to trade their wares, others would want to seek treasure and bounty across their great land. While some would want to discover the joy in the simple things like the culinary arts, others would desire to find a higher purpose or higher power in objects or through experiences. Some might open restaurants or take on apprentices. Some might wish to print the news or avail themselves for work in dangerous situations and ventures. Where they would go and what they would do was still unknown.

But that would be a tale for another day. For now, all paths had led to one destination, an end that would become a starting point in itself. Through wind and rain, through triumph and tribulation, this was the beginning.

The morning sun rises anew. So must I, and so must you.

This was their time. This was their federation.

This… was the Azerothian Trade Federation.

The Azerothian Trade Federation: Introduction

Untitled Sea Shanty

Beyond the open, vast blue sea.

We cast our sails onto thee.

Winds of trade and weather blow.

Splintered shards of ice and snow.

Withered hands meet stone and steel.

Clouded mists of steam reveal.

Tempered sky of lightened haze.

Endless waters set ablaze.

Come, all brothers and sisters regale.

Join us now for a tempered tale.

Open the kegs and taste the brew.

Fill the bellies of the crew.

Such is the life of a trader’s vessel.

Never once folding under pressure.

From port to port our coffers grow.

So row, my sailors, row, row row.

Tarcanus awoke to a large crashing sound, the creaking of wood against wood knocking him to his feet. Although he had been prepared for a rough journey to seek the final pieces the he needed to finish the foundation of the project, sailing to unknown islands and hidden coves was not exactly something he had experienced before.

Well, I suppose this is just more the reason for me not to be involved in any shipping endeavors from here on out…

Never the one to let a terrible night’s sleep stop him from venturing forward, Tarcanus stretched lightly before heading to the deck of the ship. The smell of the seas was quite strong that morning, although luckily they had made excellent time and arrived at port a day early.

Now then, to find this Mr. McCormick and finish everything that needs to be finished before returning to Quel’Thalas…

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