Role Play Education

Tarc’s Teachings Replaced by The Daily Grind (YouTube Series)

Due to requests for Tarc’s Teachings to be accessible from anywhere in the world at any time, and due to the fact that many our of guild members are currently taking a break from the game (or are traveling with family or for work) or cannot make the in-game guild events for other reasons, our guild’s “OOC Role Play Education” modules will now be converted into a video web series located on Tarcanus Frostbourne’s YouTube channel.

We hope that this will allow more people to watch, view, and participate in the role play discussion in addition to allowing people to access the information while away from the game, traveling for work or pleasure, or in a position where they are unable to get to a computer at a specific day and time every week.

Of course, Coram Populo will still continue to host various role play events for the guild each month and anyone who wishes to get their characters involved in the Azerothian Trade Federation story arc should contact Tarcanus or another guild officer. There is always room for more businesses within the federation and new story line proposals are also always welcome.


Role Play Education

The primary directive of the “OOC” Department of Coram Populo’s Role Play Division is education

Our guild has writers and role players of all experience levels, from those who have been writing for many decades to those whose role play journey has just begun

Therefore, in order to assist everyone in learning and developing at their own pace, and in order to give role players of all levels a chance to learn something that they may not have learned before, we have designed a new form of “Tarc’s Teachings” weekly role play event for the guild.

These events are out of character and are comparable to seminars or workshops.

Additional Information

Tarc’s Teachings will generally take place on Saturdays during the afternoon hours (server time).

All education modules will be out of character, although we will most likely still meet in game with our characters.

Most of the seminars will take place over voice chat (normally Discord) or via streaming video (Twitch, ect.).

These events will be filmed and the final, edited videos uploaded to YouTube ( so that members who cannot attend a seminar will be able to view it at a later date.

This process will also provide guild members with an archive of information and seminars so that they may access past education modules at any time.

Any guild member may attend Tarc’s Teachings. Guests of members may also attend provided that they adhere to and abide by our guild’s personal conduct policies and guild rules while a guest of Coram Populo.

Of course, scheduling issues and real life complications may necessitate a change of date and time for the event in the future.

Sample Course and Seminar Topics

  • What is Role Play?
  • Character Design and Development
  • Lore and History of Azeroth
  • Posting Styles, Emotes, and IC Communication
  • Political Structure and Culture of the Races of Azeroth
  • Combat Role Play Systems
  • Utilizing Platforms Outside the Game to Write, Role Play, and Network
  • Player Health and Safety
  • Discovering, Setting, and Acknowledging Personal Boundaries in Role Play
  • Differences in Role Play Styles, Settings, and Environments
  • What is “The Meta” and How Does It Affect Me?
  • Romance Role Play: Common Mistakes and Things to Look Out For
  • How to Communicate OOCly (Out of Character): Mechanics of Communication
  • How to Communicate OOCly (Out of Character): Good Communication
  • Social Media and You: Maintaining a Healthy Direction and Lifestyle
  • Social Media and You: Guide to Creating Blogs, Websites, Tumblr Accounts, Ect.
  • What is a Role Play Partner?
  • What is a Role Play Group?
  • What is a Role Play Guild or Community?
  • What is a Role Play Server or World Community?
  • Reasonable Expectations of Role Play; Planning and Communication Ahead of Time
  • Styles of Role Play: Reactionary, Pre-Planned, Dungeon Master Events, Long-Term, Guild, Community, Large Events, Ect.
  • Writing Styles: Mirroring, Paragraphing, Novelist, Blog Post, Short Story, Turn-Based, Live Role Play, Single Line Emotes, Ect.
  • Addons and Software: Warcraft Addons, Dictionary Tools, Tumblr Extensions, Role Play Enhancement Software, Skype, Ect.
  • Updates and Questions Forum: Ask Questions of Tarc or the Panel of Guests and Update Us on Your Role Play


Some Tarc’s Teachings will be held as discussion groups or panels with input and information given by multiple guests or the participants in that week’s seminar.