Guild Ranks and Structure

Guild Ranks 2

In Brief

Coram Populo uses many various ranks to differentiate members based on their involvement level, experience, helpfulness, friendliness, and tenure with the guild.

The ranks of Guild Leader, Guild Marshal, and Commander are considered senior administration-level ranks and are reserved for the highest ranking officers in the guild.

The ranks of Lieutentant and Sergeant are considered officer ranks and are reserved for those members who serve in officer positions within the guild.

The ranks of Senior Member, Full Member, and Junior Member are reserved for those who are active participants within the guild and have shown kindness, helpfulness, and friendliness in/on guild activities, events, teams, and guild chat over the course of varying lengths of extended time.  These are considered non-officer ranks.

The ranks of Inductee and Invitee are reserved for new members.  Most guild members rise past these initial ranks quite quickly (within a few weeks).

Guild Structure

Coram Populo is divided into multiple departments or “divisions” that govern varying activities within the guild itself.

The PvE division is led by a division commander who determines the direction, rules, regulations and team compositions within that division.

Other divisions are managed by senior or junior officers of Coram Populo who create events, manage personnel, and govern their own divisions.

The guild marshals and guild leader retain ultimate authority in all guild matters.  However, they will rarely intervene in division matters and will largely take a “hands off” approach to each division.

Your first and primary point of contact for any information, comments, suggestions, or advice within any division should be that division’s commander or lead officer.

For a complete listing of current officers, please visit this page.