Guild Ranks and IC Ranks

Guild Ranks and IC Ranks

For those who wish to have a more visual look at the rank system for Coram Populo and Celestial Dawn, here are official charts detailing all the ranks and their meanings.

<Coram Populo> uses two ranking systems – one for role play and one for the guild itself.

Please note that your rank in the guild and your rank within the role play (Celestial Dawn) do not affect each other in any way, shape or form. They do not correlate, and are not related to one another in ANY manner of speaking.

Guild Ranks = What your rank is in the guild itself.

Role Play Ranks = What your rank is within the Order of Celestial Dawn.

Again, these two ranks are completely unrelated and should be treated as such!

NOTE: Ranks in the guild are PERSON/PLAYER-specific. Ranks in the Order of Celestial Dawn are CHARACTER-specific.

Guild Ranks