Guild Bank

The guild vault is considered sacred by those who fill it with riches!

The guild vault is considered sacred by those who fill it with riches!

Banking at Coram Populo

<Coram Populo> has an OOC rank system that determines a member’s access to guild bank repairs, guild bank depositories, and guild bank coffers.

Your guild rank for each character determines the level of access to the guild bank that you have.  Simply put, player promotions within the guild grant greater guild bank access in addition to a new title.

In addition to this, please keep in mind that we reserve the right to deny anyone access to certain items within the guild bank both ICly and OOCly at any time and for any reason at our sole discretion.

Hidden Reserves

Many of the tabs in the guild bank are hidden from public view or have very withdrawal limits.  This is due to the fact that Coram Populo has many valuable, current content enchants, flasks, gems, potions, and materials in its coffers that are intended for predetermined purposes.  In addition, there are role play articles and other items that intended for use by storytellers and guild leaders only.

We do not wish to be fielding requests for guild bank items throughout the day, as we have other interests in game that require our attention.  In addition, we have found that many of the items that are deposited into the guild bank are “junk” items or items that are not placed into their correct tabs and/or locations.  Therefore, the guild bank has and shall remain largely closed to public view.

If you wish to contribute to the guild bank, please mail all items to “Tarcanus” or “Talandriel” in-game.

If you are a raider, rated battleground participant, or role player that falls into the following categories, please contact “Tarcanus” or “Talandriel” in-game to withdraw an item that is of use to you.

Normal/Heroic/Mythic Raid Team Member


Active Rated Battleground Team Member

Raiders and those who participate in Rated Battlegrounds may request items from the guild bank free of charge so long as they are in good standing with the raid or rated battleground team and the guild.  All items are given are in no way guaranteed or considered a right of any guild member.

Certain weapon enchants may be given out ONLY to those who acquire weapons that are “Heroic Tier” raid quality or above for current content.  This policy also applies to “Honor Point” and “Conquest Point” weapons.

Guild Bank Abuse

Any member of <Coram Populo> who is found to have abused the guild bank is subject to removal from the guild.  This will include any and all characters he or she may have in the guild.

Guild bank abuse may consist of (but is not limited to) any of the following actions:

1.) Excessive withdrawals (at one time or over the course of any amount of time).

2.) Unnecessary withdrawals (at one time or over the course of any amount of time).

3.) IC withdrawals that are not justifiable or explainable.

4.) Withdrawals for alts and other characters in the guild.

5.) Withdrawals for other members in the guild that were not previously authorized.

6.) Use of false, misleading or inaccurate information to obtain items or gold from the guild bank.

7.) Use of hacks, cheats or other forms of illegal activity to obtain items of gold from the guild bank.

8.) Excessively requesting (as determined by the guild leadership) items from the guild bank.

9.) Excessively requesting (as determined by the guild leadership) gold from the guild coffers.

10.) Excessively requesting (as determined by the guild leadership) to view items in the guild bank, tabs within the guild bank, or to be promoted to have greater withdrawal capabilities from the guild bank.

11.) Any withdrawals that are deemed unnecessary, inappropriate, or unacceptable by the guild leadership.

12.) Any theft, larceny, embezzlement, or burglary of guild property or anything of value (perceived or actual) that belongs to the guild.

Any and all exceptions must come from the guild leadership (i.e must have explicit permission from Tarcanus).