Guild Chat

Guild chat is relaxed and friendly so we can all have fun!

Guild chat is relaxed and friendly so we can all have fun!

Guild Chat as a Role Play, Raiding and Social Guild

As with most RP guilds, <Coram Populo> has certain guidelines for communication in guild chat.

As a general rule, guild is chat is considered OOC, or out of character.

While we do engage in many role play activities and have a diverse role play experience, guild chat is still considered “out of character” due to the large amount of other activities and messages being conducted/delivered by our various guild officers and members.

Having a large social and PvE guild that is unable to communicate in guild chat for purposes other than role play would be unfair to the majority of our members and impractical from a logistical standpoint.  Therefore, we utilize guild chat for more than just role play activities.

Guild Chat Policies

When communicating in guild chat, all members should adhere to the guild rules and the personal conduct policy listed on this website.

Please remember that the guild “Personal Conduct” policy applies at all times.  This includes guild chat.

Of course, all in-game rules and conduct policies set forth by Blizzard Entertainment in the Terms of Use should be followed at all times.

Guild Chat During Official Business and Events

In addition, although guild chat is considered OOC and members are free to discuss off-topic and random subjects, when a guild event is occurring, when guild business is being addressed, or when official announcements and important updates are being relayed to the guild we ask that members refrain from interrupting guild chat.