Everyone loves promotions!

Everyone loves promotions!

General Policy

Promotions are given to those who have contributed to the guild in a significant way.  Since <Coram Populo> is a social, leveling, PvE, PvP and light RP guild, there are many ways in which to contribute in significant manner.

Some of these pathways to promotions include but are not limited to:

– Being friendly and humorous in guild chat and making the guild a fun place to be.

– Contributing to the guild bank or guild coffers.

– Participating consistently and actively in the raid team.

– Participating consistently and actively in the rated battleground team.

– Participating consistently and actively in guild arena teams.

– Participating consistently and actively in guild role play events.

– Participating consistently and actively in social events.

– Helping guild mates in various ways along the way.

– Recruiting other friendly, amazing guild members.

– Leading guild events and creating new events for the guild.

Promotions are NOT Guaranteed or Automatic

Of course, promotions are always based on a judgement call for senior officers who frequently examine the guild membership base.

Senior guild officers have the discretion to promote or demote members at their choosing, although we always attempt to do this on a fair basis.

To put it simply, there is no “set it stone” way to receive a promotion within the guild.  We do not promise promotions to anyone.

Asking For, Requesting or Demanding Promotions

Consistently requesting to be promoted will assuredly result in less frequent promotions and increased scrutiny when examining your characters for promotion.  In other words, asking for promotions will not yield good results.

We are all friendly people and if you are friendly enough in guild chat and have fun with us you will naturally be promoted over the course of time.  Just relax and enjoy your time in the guild!

Officership and Advanced Leadership Career Paths


There is no official or unofficial application for officer positions.  There is no manner in which ask for or request a promotion to any officer rank.  If we view someone as a potential officer, WE approach them.

Asking for a promotion to an officer rank is a way to assuredly NEVER become an officer.

Please note that any promotion beyond “Senior Member” will require a full review of the player in question by the guild leadership and may require multiple interviews and selection board processes.

As with any promotion, promotions to officer ranks are NEVER guaranteed or promised to anyone under any condition.

“Time in guild” is not a guarantee of any promotion, including that to the rank of an officer.

Commissioned and non-commissioned officer ranks require additional time, effort, energy, commitment, and presence within the guild than non-officer ranks.

All officers have additional daily, weekly, and monthly requirements of them that are unique, separate and independent of their normal guild activities and participation in guild events.