Guild Socials and Pre-Launch Introductions!

Guild Socials and Pre-Launch Introductions!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to our guild social and pre-launch introduction event last night!

There was quite an interest in getting characters new and old involved in our new story, and we could not be more excited to have you all along for the ride. If you attended the event, please be sure to check Tumblr or your in-game mailboxes for follow-up referrals and information. Tarcanus will attempt to tag everyone on Tumblr so that the clutter does not pile up or get lost. However, in the event that something is missed or not tagged properly, please visit the following blog to view all the letters sent out:

Tarcanus Frostbourne IC Tumblr

Please note that there will be several more opportunities to get your characters officially involved in the guild story arc before it gets underway, so please check the in-game calendar and this website for more information. Whether you are a trader, a bard, a chef or fighter, there is something for you to grasp onto and be a part of within the Azerothian Trade Federation.

As stated previously, there is room for all levels of involvement and we understand that each of you has a unique and important schedule in real life to maintain as well as other important goals and ambitions that you wish to accomplish in the world. Even if you can only post one blog entry a week (or month), there is a way for you to get your character(s) involved!

For more information, please visit the “Role Play” tab at the top of our guild website (

To schedule an interview or apply to be in Coram Populo, please email us at our official guild email:

Thank you again to all who attended and we hope to see the rest of you out there soon as well!