Guild Structural Realignment (Stage 2)

Guild Structural Realignment (Stage 2)

Coram Populo: A Look Ahead

As stated during previous meetings, due to the size and scope of Coram Populo and its activities, we have begun implementing the shift to multiple guild divisions within the guild so that our future can be just as productive as our past and present.

All of the three major guild activities (PvE, PvP, Role Play) will be guided and administered by an individual guild commander who will have authority to determine the rules, guidelines, and direction of their respective division. Guild commanders will, at their discretion, have the opportunity to nominate other members of the guild to serve as officers within their division (all guild officers, of course, are always subject to our standard guild rules and personal conduct policies and must be approved by the guild leader and/or marshals).

Although Marshal Sunchaser and myself will retain administrative and ultimate authority on all guild matters past, present and future, we will almost never interject ourselves into a specific division’s activities or override the decisions made by a Division Commander during the course of their tenure within each division.

If you are interested in participating in any activity that falls within the scope of a specific division, please contact an officer within that division or the Division Commander of the division for more information and potential requirements of each activity that falls within their jurisdiction. Again, while Talandriel and I may give you general information about a division or direct you to a place where you can find more information, all roster decisions, time slots, team specifics, meeting times, event dates, and administrative decisions about rated battlegrounds, arena teams, raid teams, Challenge Mode teams, and role play lines will be made by each commander in their respective divisions.

Again, with the sheer size of Coram Populo and the looming influx of many returning (and new) players as we move closer to Warlords of Draenor, dividing the guild into these segments will provide for much more individualized and personal attention to EACH and every activity we pride ourselves in participating in here in the guild.

Division Commanders

PvE Division Commander: Tellaria Evensong

PvP Division Commander: Lyrinel Morningflame

Role Play Division Commander: Essalie Westcrown