Guild Structure and Tarc’s Leave of Absence

Guild Structure and Tarc’s Leave of Absence

Tarcanus will largely be out of the office over the next six weeks.  Although the time will assuredly pass in the blink of an eye, there are some things that all members of the guild should be aware of during his absence!

Guild Structure

While Tarcanus is gone, our wonderful guild commanders shall take up the duties normally reserved for the guild leader.  Please know that each of them are trusted completely and implicitly in both the decisions they make and the manner in which they conduct themselves.  Treat them with the same respect that you would the guild leader.

Commander Cathenell Lightlight (Cath)

Commander Mozzalin Bottlebucket (Wrexie)

Guild Events

Guild events shall continue as normal while Tarcanus is out of the office.

– Please note that classes will be taught by Qarthel Mageheart and Cathenell Lightflight while Tarcanus himself is unable to be present in person.  These individuals shall also be conducting and leading the IC research teams each week as they see fit and/or appropriate.

– The IC social shall continue as normal and be led by those high-ranking members of the order (IC ranks).

– The weekly IC meeting of Celestial Dawn shall be held by those high-ranking members of the order (IC ranks).

– Mozzalin (Wrexie) shall continue to lead the guild flex team on a weekly basis during the usual days and times that the guild holds its raiding events.

– Tyrathil Windfall shall lead all of the old raid events and weekly ICC 25 and Firelands 10 Heroic guild events as per normal guild operations.

Please continue to sign up and participate in these guild events and to support the guild as we move forward.

Please also show the leaders of these events the same respect that you would the guild leader or other officers, regardless of whether they are present or not.

Representation of the Guild

Even in times when the leader is absent, we all are constant representations of Coram Populo and Celestial Dawn.  This is especially true when the IC and OOC leaders of our fine guild are absent or taking an extended leave of absence.

Representing yourself and those around you to the community at large in a positive and respectful manner is critical in promoting the right image for the guild and in projecting an accurate reflection of who we are to those in the role community and the server community at large.

Recruitment for the Guild

In addition to the recruitment contest, general recruitment is key for the continued growth and expansion of our guild.  We are always interested in meeting new, amazing people such as yourselves, and bolstering our ranks is the first step in that wonderful process!

If you have questions concerning how to recruit or wish to know how to recruit in a respectful, polite manner, please contact one of the guild commanders while Tarcanus is out of the office.

Words of Encouragement

While six weeks may seem like a long time, it shall go by faster than we all think!  You are left in good hands with Cath and Wrexie, and I am sure that you all will do an amazing job of supporting them, attending guild events, and representing the guild in a positive manner.

Thank you all for your understanding and for making this guild an amazing place to be!  Tarcanus will miss you all greatly and looks forward to seeing you upon his return!  Safe travels, and be well!