Guild Trailers and IC Launch Videos!

Here are our official guild recruitment trailers and IC story launch videos!  Enjoy!

Coram Populo Guild Recruitment Trailer

Tarcanus looked out upon the crowd of individuals gathered before the docks, his eyes glistening with pride.  Although they had just begun their journey into the vast unknown, the sense of excitement and anticipation was enough to fill their hearts with a rush of feelings.

Today we embark on a new path  – one of illumination and freedom, of teaching and wisdom.  Although we come from different places and different walks of life, we all share a common goal.  As members of this new order, of our order, we will spread knowledge and information freely to those who wish to learn.  We shall research and share our knowledge for the greater good.  We shall write and speak and discuss issues of the past and present without the influence of political, social, or militant pressure.  We will open our ranks to anyone who wishes to join in our cause and welcome them as family.  Today, a new day begins.  Today marks the beginning of the Celestial Dawn.

Celestial Dawn IC Recruitment Trailer