Happy 6th Birthday, Coram Populo!

Happy 6th Birthday, Coram Populo!

August 2015 marks the sixth birthday for Coram Populo, a guild that has existed in many forms over the years but has always remained my home away from home and a respite among the craziness of real life. I can hardly believe that it has been over half a decade since some of us first picked up this game much less attempted to create a community of people in such a virtual space. Yet, here we are, just as strong and vibrant as ever even as months have turned into years and years have turned into generations.

The journeys may have been long and hard. The raid encounters may have lasted for weeks or months at a time. Our PvP prowess and mettle may have been put to the test. Our writing may have stretched our fingers far and wide. Our lives may have evolved to bring us to places we never envisioned we would end up when we first started this adventure called World of Warcraft. No matter what we have been through, however, it has always been an honor and privilege for me to call Coram Populo my own little corner of the gaming universe.

As we move forward towards our seventh year, I hope that all of you stay safe, healthy, and happy wherever you may be in the world and no matter what you may be up to these days. Please know that a guild, a community, is only as strong as the people in it. It is this strength, this woven fabric of such inspirational and compelling members and their stories, that makes us who we are.

After all, that is what a guild is truly about.

So happy birthday, not only to Coram Populo, but to all of you as well. While not everyone will understand the intangible, priceless connections that can be made between people from countries and places far away from one another via the Internet, you have certainly shown that it possible to create something precious, something uplifting, something wonderful.

“Coram Populo” is but a name and a phrase.

You are what makes it an idea. You are what makes it come alive. You are what makes Coram Populo… Coram Populo.

So thank you. Thank you for that and so much more. Because that is something I’ll never forget.

Be safe, wherever you may be in the world. We will still be here, chugging along in our own little corner of Azeroth for the next six years.

– Tarcanus Frostbourne