IC Letters, Introductions, and Networking

IC Letters, Introductions, and Networking

The Azerothian Trade Federation pre-launch activities are really heating up, with character introductions, informal meetings, and official character handshakes or hooks occurring every single day!

If you have not had the chance to check out Tumblr lately and you are awaiting an IC letter from Tarc, please visit the following blogs to see what is new:



If you wish to get your character involved in the pre-launch activities and formally introduced to the guild story arc and its many characters, there are several ways in which you can do just that!

1.) Sign up and attend a social event during the next few weeks. These events will be occurring at various days and times so that people with differing real life schedules can still become involved in the guild role play and these social events. Information and specific days and times will be posted on our in-game guild calendar.

2.) Send an IC letter from your character to Tarcanus either in-game or on Tumblr (BE SURE TO TAG @tarcanus IF YOU POST A LETTER ON TUMBLR! This is the only way Tarcanus can see it!). You may use any RP hook that you wish to find an IC reason to contact Tarcanus.

3.) Send an email to our guild email address (corampopuloguild@gmail.com) and ask about the many ways you can get involved ICly or introduce your characters to the rest of the guild. We have many ideas and ways for you to get involved in the Azerothian Trade Federation story arc or to get your character introduced to everyone.

Again, we could not be more excited to be starting this new endeavor with everyone. We are sure that this is the beginning of something quite wonderful, and we are happy to have you along for the ride.