Leadership List of Celestial Dawn (( IC Ranks ))

Leadership List of Celestial Dawn (( IC Ranks ))

The Order of Celestial Dawn had grown significantly since the three original masters had embarked on their journey.  As times changed, so did the need for new leadership and faith in others.  Although Tarcanus had been left by the two other masters to lead the group on his own, he knew that there would be others to continue its directives.

Master of the Order and Current Headmaster

Tarcanus Frostbourne

Masters of the Order

Tindomiel Singsorrow [Absent/Missing]

Verithari Lighthymn [Absent/Missing]

Prelates of the Order

Anaveya Singsorrow

Ascendants of the Order

Cathenell Lightflight

Zurilod Dawnreaver

Felano Glacierwind

Guardians of the Order