Legion Adventures, Raiding, Mythic+ Dungeons and Role Play

Legion Adventures, Raiding, Mythic+ Dungeons and Role Play

With Legion now well underway and PvE content heating up this week with the release of the Emerald Nightmare raid and Mythic+ dungeon encounters, Coram Populo has begun implementing its plans for this new and exciting time in World of Warcraft. We could not be more excited to invite all of you to join us in our endeavors and we warmly welcome all of our new members who have joined us recently as well. This is a thrilling time to be alive and in-game, and we hope that the energy and enthusiasm only grows from here.

We encourage each of you all to read and review the following information about the direction of the guild and our intentions for raiding, mythic dungeons, role play, and team-building activities.


Discord is a KEY and ESSENTIAL part of our guild communications. Discord has replaced our guild Ventrilo server, our official guild forums, and any and all Skype channels that we used in the past. If you are not actively participating in Discord chat, then you are missing out on many of our out-of-game (and in-game) communications.

An “instant invite” link to join our guild Discord server is listed below:


Discord is a free, fast, and efficient communications platform that offers both text and voice chat to various communities around the web. You can run Discord from your web browser, as a desktop app, and from your smart phone, tablet, and mobile device. For more information about Discord, please visit the link listed below:


Remember that actively utilizing Discord is a requirement to raid with us. Discord is also used for all of our major role play events, announcements, and news in addition to the live steaming and workshops that we host in association with Tarcanus Frostbourne Studios.


Official guild raids will begin next Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

We will start in the Emerald Dream raid on normal difficulty at this time.

Please remember to take the following steps in order to be considered for the raid team. As always, raid team positions and slots are never guaranteed and are given out based on the judgement and determination of our raid leader and PvE Department Head, Tehrass.

  1. Contact Tehrass and express your interest in becoming a member of the raid team. He will most likely wish to have a conversation about you as a raider before you are added to the “active pool” of members for guild raid team.
    1. Raid Leader Email: TehrassDH@gmail.com
    2. Raid Leader Battletag: Tehrass#1655
  2. Sign up for an account with OpenRaid (http://openraid.zergid.com/). OpenRaid is used to track, post, and manage raid events and our weekly raids. Having an OpenRaid account is required for raiding. Raid team members must sign up for EACH raid event they are able (and wish) to attend via OpenRaid in order to be considered for a raid position in that raid.
  3. Join our Discord server (http://www.discord.gg/0xgjk4AZ2aFqMA46) so that you may listen and communicate via voice and text chat during raid events.
  4. You should also review all of the raid team web pages and the detailed raid team rules/requirements/expectations listed on our guild website before attempting to join the raid team, contact Tehrass, or sign up for guild raid events.
  5. Minimum Item Level for Emerald Nightmare (N): 830. Must have all THREE relic slots unlocked.
    1. Other baseline performance metrics and minimums will be established after the first few raids. These will include both DPS/eDPS and healing throughput numbers AND smart movement, ability, cooldown, damage reduction, interrupt and crowd control usage AND other boss and raid mechanics-based measuring tools!
    2. In addition, all players will be assessed on their ability to follow raid leader instructions, improve their individual and group performances, improve week to week, and continue to gear up consistently.
    3. Many of our raid team members were able to achieve item levels of 840+, 845+, and 850+ before the Emerald Nightmare raid was released. Thus, reaching an item level of 830 should not be a difficult task for prospective raid team members.

NO exceptions will be made to these policies!

We currently have 15-17 guild members who are interested in raiding with us. Please note that the minimum amount of players required to raid normal/heroic raids is 10. The maximum amount of players we can bring into a normal/heroic raid is 30.

Raid rosters and team compositions may change based upon our needs as a raid team. These determinations are made by Tehrass with advisement from the PvE Team Officer Corps. Again, raid team positions are never guaranteed, raid team compositions may change from week to week, and individuals are expected to be willing to learn, grow, and receive feedback as our raid team continues to progress to more difficult encounters and increased raid difficulties.

In essence, you must sign up for each raid that you wish to attend with us via OpenRaid in order to be considered. However, just because you sign up to raid with us does not mean a spot is guaranteed or reserved for you and just because you have raided with us before does not mean you are guaranteed to raid with us in the future. These decisions rest within the capable authority of the raid leader and PvE Department Head, Tehrass, with advisement from the PvE Team Officer Corps.

Mythic and Mythic+ Dungeons

Many of us have already begun the journey into defeating the various bosses of heroic and mythic dungeons. This has been a fun and challenging endeavor for many of us and one that we wish to continue as Legion moves forward.

Mythic and Mythic+ runs shall continue on a voluntary, sign-up basis for the time being. Please check the in-game guild calendar for more information and to sign up for these events.

Right now, we have a good 6-8 guild members who run these dungeons together consistently several nights a week. Eventually, we hope to create and sustain several “teams” or groups of guild members who push into the highest Mythic+ levels possible as mythic dungeon progression becomes a regular staple of the guild.

Once Mythic+ teams are formed and have ran together for several weeks, a more formal selection process will be implemented so that current content Mythic+ teams can sustain a high level of performance and progression as the expansion moves forward.

If you are interested in taking part in a mythic dungeon or Mythic+ team, please use the in-game guild calendar to sign up for a mythic run. Permanent teams and roster space will be allocated as teams themselves are formed.

Also, please remember that certain Mythic+ teams may have goals/expectations/benchmarks that are different than other Mythic+ teams within the guild. Of course, all Mythic+ teams will still strive to work towards the goals of the guild as a whole and within the framework of the designs of the PvE Department of Coram Populo.

Role Play

The Role Play Department of Coram Populo will hold a meeting on Saturday, October 1, 2016 to begin planning for the future of our in character and out of character activities and stories.

Please remember that Coram Populo is a casual role play guild and thus will not hold regular role play (or IC) events multiple times a week. It is simply logistically impossible for us to do so. This may change in the event that several leaders among our role players emerge and are willing to fulfill advanced roles within the guild. However, for the time being, given our personnel and real life concerns, we will not be overtaxing any of our role play leaders or officers.

Our design for role play within the guild remains the same:

  1. OOC educational workshops and seminars will be streamed and recorded to/on Twitch and YouTube.
    1. https://www.twitch.tv/tarcanusfrostbourne
    2. https://www.youtube.com/c/tarcanusfrostbourne1
  2. IC events will be hosted on a semi-regular basis for those who wish to participate in the Azerothian Trade Federation story.

Please note that many of the OOC educational workshops and seminars hosted for the guild will be combined with Tarcanus Frostbourne’s streaming and video-making activities so that we can efficiently and effectively provide quality material and discussion for all involved while balancing other in-game activities and real life obligations as well.

If you are interested in reviewing what some of our writers have produced in the past, please visit the following pages and blogs:




If you have a website, blog, Tumblr page, WordPress site, or other social media pages for any of your characters and would like to be added to our role play directory, please let Tarcanus know as soon as you are ready to share your writing, characters and artistry with the world.

Please also know that you if you are looking to network with other role players or join in on Tarcanus’ other activities with regards to creative writing and role play, please join his professional YouTube and Twitch Discord server using the link listed below:



Thank you for your attention in these matters and we hope to see you all out there in the World of Warcraft! We could not be more excited to start raiding, running mythic dungeons, and role playing in this huge, expansive, and awesome universe that we call home on the Internet.

Until next time, take care!

And of course… please, please, please… be safe, wherever you may be in the world.