Letter to Anaveya Blackcrest-Singsorrow

Letter to Anaveya Blackcrest-Singsorrow

After the fifth letter had been signed and sealed, Tarcanus stood up slowly and moved towards his bed, placing each of the five envelopes by his night stand.  Turning back to his desk by the window, he frowned lightly, not knowing exactly how to write the sixth.  It was a simple directive, really.  It was informational at heart.  Yet, even addressing his second-in-command and only current Prelate of the Order was difficult.

“How do I begin?” he asked himself.  “What do I even call her at this point?  Nothing seems right.  Singsorrow?  Blackcrest?  Something else or nothing at all?”

Humming in deep thought, he eventually decided to avoid the issue completely, using her official title and first name only as he began to put ink on paper once more.

Prelate Anaveya,

Please excuse the expedient nature of this correspondence.  It is not my intention to avoid conducting business in person, and I apologize for being unable to do so at present time.  However, I do believe that this is the quickest way in which to contact you.  I hope that this letter finds you well (or at least as well as they can be considering the current circumstances).

I do not wish to bombard you with information or the business of Celestial Dawn, as you have much more pressing issues and things in your life at the moment.  I realize that you have requested time to yourself so that you can have a reprieve from everything that has transpired over the past eight weeks.  Given recent events, though, I believe that I should at least keep you informed on the business of the Order itself.

I have come to the decision to revert the ranks in the Order of Celestial Dawn to our former system, the system originally used when the order itself thrived in a different era.  It may come as a surprise to many that this order has existed long before its current manifestation, and I hope that one day, we can return it to its former glory.

Please be aware that you of course will retain your current rank of Prelate within the Order of Celestial Dawn.  I still wish to have you as the primary managing director of Celestial Dawn in my stead or absence, especially with two of the three founding masters now presumed missing forever and with no other masters of prelates waiting in the wings, so to speak.

If you believe that there are any tasks or duties that require the assistance of others in the Order of Celestial Dawn, you (as always) have the complete membership available to you.  

I hope that you remain with us for quite some time, even if you must be away in the interim.  Your rank is more that deserved, and I hope to work with you well into the future.

When you are ready, I shall see you shortly to congratulate you in person.

Be safe, Prelate Anaveya.

– Tarcanus Frostbourne

Master, Celestial Dawn