Letter to Felano Glacierwind

Letter to Felano Glacierwind

Tarcanus carefully placed the third letter into is proper envelope, letting out a quiet sigh as the wind picked up outside his study.  Turning to wipe some excess wax from the candles that illuminated his desk, he quickly returned to the quill and parchment before him and continued to write into the late hours.

Sir Felano Glacierwind,

I hope that this letter finds you with haste, even in your travels to Nagrand.  I apologize that I am unable to speak with you in person on such an important matter; however I do believe that this is the fastest manner in which to reach you given the current circumstances.  I trust that your travels have been safe, and that you shall return to us safely after your journey has concluded.

I have come to the decision to revert the ranks in the Order of Celestial Dawn to our former system, the system originally used when the order itself thrived in a different era.  It may come as a surprise to many that this order has existed long before its current manifestation, and I hope that one day, we can return it to its former glory.

Please be aware that your new rank and title shall be that of a Guardian within the Order of Celestial Dawn.  This shall replace your former rank and should be used from now on.  You will command those Apprentices that are assigned to you, in addition to a new duty which I have specifically for you.

I believe that you can best serve the Order by maintaining a presence of stability and structure within the city walls, in addition to providing a presence of strength and solidarity while escorting its members.  These have been trying times, and the Order itself needs to be based on a foundation of unity and unwavering support from its core members.

Your ability to be loyal to us, even in the most difficult of times, shall be paramount in the way in which we are received publicly by the masses at large and internally within our own ranks.  Prelate Blackcrest has assured me that you have given your sword and shield, your honor and dignity, to being trustworthy and loyal to us.

Please note that your role will be viewed as not only a charge to be a protectorate of our members and our honor, but also as a representation of how we conduct ourselves.  Your position will be as important to showcasing what we represent just as much as any class I teach or research we publish.  Please always be aware of this, and be aware that the people you have promised yourself to are relying on you now more than ever.

If you require assistance or additional support, please feel free to take any able Apprentices within the Order on assignments relevant to your duties.

As you may have noticed, my own personal and professional obligations have taken me away from the city and the day to day operations of the Order itself.  Thus, members such as you, Felano, are the rock on which the temple of knowledge and wisdom must be supported for the time being.

As such, and with your previous commitment to us, I view this rank and title as befitting an individual of your disposition.

Congratulations, and I hope to celebrate with you in person shortly.

Be safe, Guardian Felano.

– Tarcanus Frostbourne

Master, Celestial Dawn