Letter to Mykaela Everwind

Letter to Mykaela Everwind

After taking a few minutes to look out the window of his study, Tarcanus returned to his desk.  There was much work to be done, many letters to send off before the meeting tomorrow.  Pouring some freshly ground ink into the tiny well, he dotted the freshly cleaned quill and continued with a new piece of parchment.

Madame Mykaela Everwind,

My apologies that this message must be so hastily sent; however I believe that this is the most efficient way to contact you at the moment.  I hope that you are in good health and good spirits, and I hope to speak with you in person shortly as well.

I have come to the decision to revert the ranks in the Order of Celestial Dawn to our former system, the system originally used when the order itself thrived in a different era.  It may come as a surprise to many that this order has existed long before its current manifestation, and I hope that one day, we can return it to its former glory.

Please be aware that your new rank and title shall be that of a Guardian within the Order of Celestial Dawn.  This shall replace your former rank and should be used from now on.  You will command those Apprentices that are assigned to you, in addition to a new duty which I have specifically for you.

Since you are already posted as a guardswoman at many of our outposts, I believe that continuing to serve as militia alongside Sir Glacierwind is a task most suited to your talents.  Of course, I understand that you may still be recovering from your latest injuries, and please, do not rush back to your duties before you are ready.

In addition, if there are those who are less experienced in the art of combat than yourself, I would also suppose that your knowledge might prove most useful in their training and development in the martial arts.  If anything, having your own, small group of individuals may prove useful if another dangerous situation should arise.

You may, of course, take any of the Apprentices from the order who you see fit to assist you in completing these tasks.

I am afraid that my own personal and professional business has taken me away from the city recently.  Thus, contributions from members such as yourself are invaluable as we move forward and grow our ranks.

After everything that has happened recently, I believe that this rank befits you quite fine.

Congratulations, and hopefully we can celebrate in person shortly.

Be safe, Guardian Mykaela.

– Tarcanus Frostbourne

Master, Celestial Dawn