Letter to Tyrathil Windfall

Letter to Tyrathil Windfall

Tarcanus closed his eyes after sealing the fourth letter and placing it to the side of his desk.  Drawing in a long breath, he exhaled slowly through his nose before reopening his eyes.  The wind had died down in the time that it took to compose the previous letter, and he smiled gently before picking up the quill and continuing to place ink on parchment.

Sir Tyrathil Windfall,

My friendly student and fellow participant in the art of magic, I do hope that this message finds you well in body, mind and spirit.  I apologize that I an unable to speak with you in person on a matter that is so important; however I do believe that this method of communications is the most efficient and expedient at the moment.

I have come to the decision to revert the ranks in the Order of Celestial Dawn to our former system, the system originally used when the order itself thrived in a different era.  It may come as a surprise to many that this order has existed long before its current manifestation, and I hope that one day, we can return it to its former glory.

Please be aware that your new rank and title shall be that of a Guardian within the Order of Celestial Dawn.  This shall replace your former rank and should be used from now on.  You will command those Apprentices that are assigned to you, in addition to a new duty which I have specifically for you.

I believe that you relate to the members of the Order on a personal level, and that they trust you to be a safe ear to listen to their worries and concerns.  The past few months have been quite rough on the morale of certain members of Celestial Dawn, and I know that you can bring out the best in any situation.

I understand that it is often difficult to speak directly to the master or leader of any organization about one’s personal struggles, so for those who feel more comfortable expressing their fears, hopes, desires, and doubts with you, do not be afraid to take them under your wing and assist them in becoming better individuals for their own sake.  Everyone has a journey to take, and sometimes we all need a comforting presence along the way.

Of course, if you know of any other Apprentices who can assist you in this task, feel free to charge them with this directive as well.  This Order, while professional and accomplished, is also a family.  We must not forget the very members that make us who we are.

You are probably aware of my own absence from the city recently due to unforeseen personal and professional commitments.  Times like these call for dedicated, capable members such as yourself to maintain the solidarity and spirits of the Order.

Because of your unwavering support and constant positive presence, I believe that this rank more than suits you.

Congratulations, and I hope to celebrate with you in person shortly.

Be safe, Guardian Tyrathil.

– Tarcanus Frostbourne

Master, Celestial Dawn