Letter to Zurilod Dawnweaver

Letter to Zurilod Dawnweaver

Tarcanus nodded as the second letter was finished, blowing lightly on the parchment to dry the ink.  Placing the correspondence in its rightful envelope, he continued by refreshing the ink on the tip of his quill and procuring another piece of parchment from the desk.

Sir Zurilod Dawnweaver,

I must first sincerely offer my deepest apologies for being unable to speak with you on this matter in person.  I hope that you are in good spirits and that your search for the Lady Jannet is going well.  Perhaps one day we can search together for any signs of her at the locations where you both frequented often.

Again, I apologize for sending a communique of great importance via the parcel post; however I believe that this is the fastest method of reaching you on this day.

I have come to the decision to revert the ranks in the Order of Celestial Dawn to our former system, the system originally used when the order itself thrived in a different era.  It may come as a surprise to many that this order has existed long before its current manifestation, and I hope that one day, we can return it to its former glory.

Please be aware that your new rank and title shall be that of an Ascendant within the Order of Celestial Dawn.  This shall replace your former rank and should be used from now on.  You will command those Guardians and Apprentices that are assigned to you, in addition to a new duty which I have specifically for you.

It is my belief that you are quite capable as an expert on ancient arms and armor, in addition to being able to wield them should the situation necessitate.  As such, I believe that you would best be served as being charged with the duty of examining ancient artifacts and relics of a militarized nature in addition to your current duties as a watchman for the Order.

I know that the idea of becoming a consultant on ancient arms is probably less than glamorous, especially considering the extended length of your life experience and everything that you have seen and done over the centuries; however, I also believe that you would be excellent for such a task.  You have lived in many places and seen many things.  You are quite well-versed in such matters, and may have even seen some of the weapons and armaments that I speak of in person.

Of course, you are free to recruit and take on any Guardians or Apprentices to assist in these tasks, should you choose to accept this addition role within the Order.

Sadly, my personal and professional travels and business have kept me away from the city, and thus members such as yourself are invaluable in ensuring the continued operations and maintenance of Celestial Dawn.

I have faith and trust in your abilities and dedication to the Order, and thus such a rank befits you.

Congratulations, and I hope to celebrate with you in person shortly.

Be safe, Ascendant Zurilod.

– Tarcanus Frostbourne

Master, Celestial Dawn